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  1. K

    Question Graphic Card Brand Called 'MACH'

    Hello everyone, I was looking for used Graphic Card and from local seller i found a gtx 660 oc card for a pretty descent price. but I never heard about its manufactures its called 'MACH'. I think its a Korean brand. does anyone know about this brand? thanks Picture of graphic card
  2. utkarsh5474

    Question I need help upgrading my Pc

    Hi, I have an Intel i3-3210-3.20GHz Processor and an Intel DH61HO motherboard with Nvidia 210 1 GB graphics card and Kingston 4gb ddr3 1333MHZ ram. If i add one more ram (this ram) and replace my graphic card with this graphic card... Will it work?? I mean will it support my motherboard?? I...
  3. S

    Should I get a 1440P or 4K monitor?

    I've been using 1080p displays for forever now, and in fact, I've never actually seen what 1440p or 4k even look like. I have a good GPU (Evga GTX 980 Ti), a decent CPU (i7 6700). I can play TW3 at max settings at a very stable 60 FPS (and it's locked there by v-sync). So I was wondering maybe...