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  1. safii1992

    Question Rx 580 Keeps Crashing after I start mining or play heavy games

    I bought rx580 3 years back. It was running very well in games and in mining as well. But in March my Graphic Card is keep crashing while heavy gaming and mining Temps are very good at 55C to 60C. But screen goes black and system is still running and mining is also stopped. Note: I have never...
  2. L

    Question Will my current PC be able to handle a graphics card upgrade?

    I currently have a NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super and want to upgrade the card. I'm not sure which GPU to go with, but have it down to 3 options: 1.) MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Ventus 2X 2.) EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti XC Gaming 3.) MSI GeForce RTX 3080 VENTUS 3X 10G I currently have: CPU: 11th Gen Intel(R)...
  3. Marloneex

    Question Graphic Card RTX 3060- no signal

    Hi guys. i'm having a big problem here, my pc doesn't send image to my monitor. let's go to the explanation. I'm building a new PC and until then everything was ok with a simple graphics card it broke I paid 10 euros, then my RTx 3060 PCI 4.0 12gb arrived, I installed it and it didn't work...
  4. S

    Question Processor upgrade

    I have custom built PC, i3-10100 + Gigabyte b460m dsh3 + hyperx fury 2666 8+16=24 GB Ram + 1TB WD SSD + Nvidia T600 GPU, i want to upgrade my Processor to i7 10700f. It will be compatible with same configuration? Or need other changes. I want to run my pc smooth for 3D Softwares.
  5. suamed

    [SOLVED] Black Screen, No Signal while on game

    Hi I got a problem with my gpu. So i got 750 Ti Digital Alliance, very happy about it, not until some issues come in. some issues already fixed, now i got another one. which is black screen then monitor's off first of all my spec is not that good, but good enough for the gpu Core i3 3240...
  6. W

    Question AMD Radeon R9 390 8GB crashes when signing into Windows ?

    So my R9 390 8gb Gigabyte gpu crashed on me randomly as i tried to load into a game and when it did it shut down my whole pc. Once I restarted it it was failing to Post and then it would work and say Windows failed to load. I swapped out the gpu for an old 1gb card and it was working fine. I...
  7. S

    Question Cooling the Vram on an RTX 2080 Ti ?

    HI Guys, I bought a used RTX 2080 Ti Aorus, but it is badly overheating. Vram is a big problem as it would rise to 110*C and make the whole PCB hot and i believe that's the reason the card is throttling. My currently solution is hooking it up with Kraken x62 but it seems not to solve the Vram...
  8. freeerrorsoops

    [SOLVED] AMD Graphic's driver makes pc to lag really hard

    I have to start with the fact that I cloned my SSD system drive to a bigger one and I had some problems, but solved them(didn't boot, couldn't activate). Now, I'm having problems with really crazy lag, the crazy thing is that it only happens when using VLC - just when I go to fullscreen it drops...
  9. brochve

    Question R7 240 MSI fan speeds up to max and stops displaying ?

    So, I have this problem with my MSI R7 240 graphic card. This graphic card used to work perfectly fine, until recent times (one month or so). It suddenly stops display and the fan speeds up to 100% (doesn't matter if I'm playing or on desktop with no apps running) . Every time it happens I...
  10. E

    Question Help: GTX 550Ti Query

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and would like to seek your help for my gpu concern. My friend gave me his GTX550ti gpu so i can updgrade my gpu from a very old HD6450, my problem is i am not sure whether my psu can accomodate the card. I've read the specs fo gtx550ti on internet however I am a...
  11. devansh4565

    Question i get artifacts after installation of driver on my second hand gpu

    the older driver only shows artifacts when launching a game but newer ones always shows it no matter the time or task cpu=i3 3220 gpu= gt 1030 lp oc 2gb gddr5 ssd=crucial 240gb hdd= seagate 4tb ram= 10gb ddr3 please help
  12. Ox1ee

    Question VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR Blue screen while playing games

    Hello, so I have this problems like a year now. When I was playing games like forza horizon 4, cs go, R6,etc my game crashed and my laptop did not detect my NVIDIA driver and I have to restart my laptop, so when I restart my laptop it got blue screen and it says VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR. I have...
  13. F

    [SOLVED] Will a PCI 4.0 GPU work in a PCI 3.0 slot ?

    Hi all, Almost 2 years ago I built a new PC with a Gigabyte Z490I AORUS ULTRA Mini ITX LGA1200 motherboard. At the time, the graphic cards were already quite expensive but I wasn't in a hurry and thought I would be able to get one at a decent price a couple of months later! :oops: Almost 2...
  14. B

    Question A question regarding graphics card and mining ?

    Hey, I am very new to the pc world, this my first gaming pc so I was trying some crypto mining, I wanted to ask if using my card at 60 degree Celsius at 100 percent usage for around 10 hours will hurt it in the long run, like wear down the cores or fans ?
  15. suamed

    Question Which is better? Worse GPU more vram, better GPU less vram

    Hello, I have a not very good pc, with Core i3-3240, 8 gb 665mhz ram, pci express 2.0 mobo, and currently using old as hell 9600 gt. i want to build a pc, but the budget is limited, (am very poor lol) and trying to steadily upgrading. and i started with a new gpu which is under 100 dollar. i...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Will i5 10400f bottleneck an rtx 3050

    Will i5 10400f bottleneck an rtx 3050 ? Or its a good combo What do you think of this specs Are they good for 1080p ? I5 10400f Rtx 3050 8gb 16 gb ddr4 ram 500 ssd nvme
  17. UKBigBudz

    Question Amateur needs help 🤣

    Guys I need some help, I've acquired a pc that needs some upgrades, I think it manly needs a new graphic card. It currently has a AMD Radeon HD 7870 XT 2G GDDR5, processor is Intel core i5-2500k @ 3.30ghz. I have no idea how to post pictures on to here so if anymore info needed let me know. Thanks
  18. suamed

    Question my gpu is plugged in its on, the pc is on... but the monitor isn't

    i’m 100% beginner on pc stuff. so this is might be the most ridiculous stuff you read today. so my gpu is plugged in but there is no display, i search on google, and do so many method that says “Worked” with alot of testimony of saying it actually work. my ram is completely fine, my psu is 450w...
  19. KenTanjiro

    Question NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 DisplayPort not working ?

    I recently bought this card as this is the only card available on market right now. The card has two ports: DVI-I and HDMI, the HDMI port works completely fine as it connects to the monitor. However, when I use the DVI-I port to connect to my monitor it just shows "No-Signal". I am using DVI-I...
  20. Vox

    Question GTX 1660 Super - - - - TUF versus DUAL versus PHOENIX ?

    Hi, I'd like to buy a new graphic card soon and I'd like to hear some opinions about these cards below (outside of technical data that is accessible on their site): DUAL-GTX1660S-O6G-EVO TUF-GTX1660S-O6G-GAMING PH-GTX1660S-O6G (and there is the Gigabyte 1660S line but I heard from multiple...
  21. X

    [SOLVED] RTX 3080 Ti Just Started Making High Pitched Noise When Gaming Only

    It happened after I changed 2 case fans yesterday. I thought it was the PSU, but I replaced it today, along with every cable from the PSU, and it still makes the noise. Also, when I am gaming, the pitch will sound different depending on what way my character is looking. Is this something I...
  22. Vox

    Question 7 years old MSI GTX 760 - No signal

    My MSI GTX 760 is still receiving power as the fans are working perfectly and everything seems to be good as before but it does not give signal to the monitor anymore. I've tried every single display connector it has ( 2x DVI-D, HDMI, DP) and when my Acer monitor is checking the source types...
  23. Inherentnerd

    [SOLVED] What is wrong with my pc? plzzzz plzzzz

    So as you can see in the video, every time i launch a game this happens, and after a temporary freeze ( before a big a big freeze that i have to restart my pc ) my screen flashed and this massage (( Display Driver has Stopped Responding and has Recovered)) appears on the right down corner of...
  24. O

    [SOLVED] Which Motherboard Gives ME All Features I'm Seeking?

    [Moderator edit to break up solid paragraph of text.] I'M building a System from Scratch. I wanted to know which Motherboard would give me the Features I wanted. Specifically I'm looking for a Motherboard with 2 or more Onboard 2 x 2.5 Gbit/s Ethernet ports, Mobo needs to be able to support...
  25. A

    Question Call of duty low performance

    Hello everyone Im facing shuttering and lag while playing call of duty modern. Warfare multiplayer My specs are Ryzen 5 1500x 8gb ddr4 ram 2400mhz Rx 570 4gb Msi x370 gaming plus with latest bios
  26. B

    [SOLVED] Is graphics card important in a system for using Illustrator/premiere/photoshop?

    Hi, i am buying a system and i use a lot illustrator/photoshop etc... If a have an Intel I5, 16GB Ram, SSD, how much extra performance on speed a graphic card will give me in this adobe programs? Thanks
  27. 708jn

    Question best gpu for i7 2600k?

    Christmas is today and I got some money from my parents and I had some money from my birthday which was in November so I was wondering what the best gpu for the i7 2600k is. because I got a 750 ti and I'm looking to upgrade my budget is 240 dollars cad
  28. P

    [SOLVED] Will gtx 1650 fit in motherboard?

    I'am going to buy a GTX 1650 and i wondering will it fit in my motherboard. Graphic card: Motherboard:
  29. BreadCrumb_112

    [SOLVED] Is my GPU to hot??

    My GPU Gtx1650 under 100% load is 65c then if I overclock it using MSI afterburner my GPU under load is 70c-73c and rarely hits 75c I wonder if the GPU while overclock is too hot? my core clock is CURVE and 750 for the memory clock. my ambient temp is 29-30
  30. R

    [SOLVED] Plug 1 extra USB slot and PC freezes on BIOS flash screen ?

    I recently downgrade from RTX 2070 Super to GT 1030 GT 1030 doesn't require any external power from PSU When I plug in all my devices into the USB slot, it will stuck in the BIOS flash screen. I tried remove 1 of the devices from the USB slot, the computer start up fine and I can plug back in...
  31. Aman00700

    [SOLVED] Can anybody provide me with stock BIOS for MSI RTX 3080 Gaming Z trio LHR ?

    Hello eyeryone, I want stock BIOS for my MSI 3080 Gaming Z trio LHR. I changed my BIOS but I forgot to make a backup of stock bios. Help me guys, your help will be appreciated.
  32. L

    [SOLVED] Computer going to sleep

    Hello, I have the following workstation: Processor: AMD Ryzen threadripper 2950X GPUs_ Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 (*2) GTX 1070 (*2) I manly use it for 3d modeling and rendering. Lately when I am modeling or rendering in Houdini 2 things happen: 1) The fans start spinning super fast for few...
  33. Question Program not running after changing graphic card

    Hi. I got a PC which is solely used to run an instrument software, i got 3 of these units in my workplace and recently i got a graphic card problem with one of them, the screen would stay black when the case is turned on, so i tried to swap the graphic card with the other identical PC's that i...
  34. K

    Question RTX 3080 Ti making weird noise while gaming, but not when stress testing ?

    Hi everyone, I've recently built a new PC, and now I've noticed that the GPU is making weird noise. The GPU in question is Asus ROG Strix 3080 ti. I've played Witcher 2 which is an older game and should be easy for this gpu on a 1080p 144hz monitor, but for some reason there is a weird sound...
  35. Syed_Jlaluddin

    [SOLVED] Best GPU's in range of 250$ and where to buy

    Hello sir I'm from Pakistan and I'm facing issues of selection and buying GPU. I have 250$ budget. Kindly tell me the cards which can I buy nowadays and from where to buy. I can use shipping service!
  36. Upcambo

    [SOLVED] Which Graphic Card?

    I am using HP laptop i5 3rg Gen. I want to do video Editing. So let me which Graphic card should I Buy? Is it ok (😊)
  37. Miko98

    [SOLVED] i5 10400F with RTX 3070 TI

    I'm building a PC with i5 10400F, RTX 3070 TI and 16GB RAM. Can these specs run most game smoothly? I was using GT1030, i5 3470 with 8GB RAM, and been playing games in lowest graphic with lag. I know better processor and bigger RAM can be better, but just stay with my listed new PC specs, I...
  38. J

    [SOLVED] Gaming experience about TESLA K80

    Hi, What's your experience about this gpu. Is it possible to transform this gpu to a Gaming gpu: Install a specific driver, change the bios, customize the clock speed or memory etc. and if it is, which Gaming gpu is equal?
  39. Shidaro

    [SOLVED] Mining rig problem

    Hello so i use my pc for mining and decided to put my RX570 tu use and added it in the second PCIe slot that i have on my board, but my pc wouldn't detect it. I tried to install it's driver change some BIOS settings and even asked some of my tech friends for help but still nothing worked can...
  40. D

    [SOLVED] Why doesn't my RX 560 work ?

    Hello! Today I bought a RX 560 GPU but when I put it into the MoBo and turn the system on it does not broadcast video. I did not buy it new but used through Facebook Market. My hardware is: MoBo: Asus B-450m ii Ryzen 5 1600 (6 cores, 12 threads) GPU: RX 560 32 gb ram (2X16) at 2600 mhz. 750...