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  1. K

    Question GeForce Mx150 with an Ultrawide Monitor (5120x1440) ?

    Hello guys, I have a laptop which have a integrated GeForce Mx150. I want to use it with an Ultrawide 49" monitor (resolution 5120x1440). Can I use it without problems ? Ps: It's not for gaming Thank you in advance! Best regards
  2. Carlos_Santana

    Question Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P motherboard compatibility with AMD RX 580

    Is the Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P motherboard and a 500w PSU, compatible and fully functional with a AMD RX 580 graphic card? Thank you in advance for your answers!
  3. I

    Question Display Looking Pale After Installing Graphic Card

    I just bought and installed GTX 1660 in my system installed all the latest drivers from NVIDIA official site But my display is looking very pale and the colors are not proper I believe, My old Intel integrated graphics was giving much better color than this also my display was kinda big I had...
  4. D

    Question Suggest For New Gaming Build

    Hi Guys, I'm planning on making this build for gaming. Kindly suggest. Games that I play (CS:GO, League of Legends, PUBG) at 240HZ monitor 1920x1080 resolution. Specs are as follows. i7 10600k Asus ROG Strix Z490 E Gaming G.Skill Trident Z Royal 16GB 2x8 4000MHZ Crucial P1 1TB M.2 Asus...
  5. A

    Discussion Gigabyte R9 390 G1 gaming temperature above 92 degree celcius.

    Hi Guys, I bought Gigabyte R9 390 G1 Gaming graphic card in 2016. I have been using it with no problem until recently. When I bought the card I did rigorous testing of it using 3dMark, Unigine and Furmark. The temperature of card never crossed above 80 degree. I checked temperature and...
  6. K

    Question Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB Mini Video Card (PC WONT START)

    Hey everyone, I need your assistance regarding an on-going issue. Recently i upgraded my PC 8 months back in Sept 2019 from Intel to AMD Ryzen The PC specs are listed below CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor Motherboard - MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI...
  7. almo89


    Hello, everyone. This is not so much a How to but it's where its best placed among the thread types. TL;DR at the bottom. So I have a PC with Windows 10 Pro (64bit) and a GTX 970 card, and recently got a LG smart TV. After that I bought a HDMI cable to connect them, and to my surprise, the...
  8. Sami_is_alive

    Question computer monitor turns off and wont come back unless i reboot the pc

    I have a 970GTX and an i5-4460, and tbh i havent had this problem before until my old PSU started to make some noise, and i was told by a friend who is experienced with hardware to get a new PSU because the old one is dying which i obviously did so i brought a 650W Asus ROG PSU instead of the...
  9. C

    Question Inconsistent DisplayPort Detected Refresh Rate

    Hi! I am having problem with the refresh rate setting. I am using LG 24GM79G, which is 1080p 144hz monitor. My graphic card is GTX 1070 TI from GALAX. I have been using display port so far, set at 1990x1080 and 144hz. Just a few days ago, suddenly I started to notice my display is quite...
  10. B

    Question What GPU do you recommend?

    Hi, people. Was wondering what GPU do you recommend for this build? I need to change it Z170X-Gaming 3 i7 7700 16 GB ram Don't remember what PSU I have tho Thanks in advance.
  11. B

    Question Can't change resolution in any game

    Hello everyone, I have a Lenovo TNGBGA6 laptop. I have 2 GPUs, Intel UHD 620 and Radeon 530. I've set up my system on high priority so it runs every game with Radeon 530. But, recently I've been trying to make a stretched 4:3 resolution in CS GO. I couldn't find an option in radeon settings so I...
  12. M

    Question High Performance Nvidia Processor does not working well

    I played GTA 4 with high graphics without any leg but suddenly my high performance NVIDIA processor stop and game also not working but I change my graphics to integrated graphics and game work with very low fps; whats is the solution for this?
  13. E

    Question How to Turn Boox Max 2 into Multi-Screen Monitors?

    Hello, A few weeks ago our company bought 8 pieces of ONYX BOOX MAX 2. Our goal is to create a multi screen display - we want to connect all the readers to a video camera, use their monitor mode, and play live video with each reader using 1/8 of the video. We made a sketch that explains it...
  14. M

    Question Risk of static discharging

    If I want to replace graphic card, should I leave my computer plugged into a wall outlet to reduce the risk of static discharging on the CMOS electronic circuits of the computer?
  15. G

    Question Texture Filtering - Quality Nvidia. Need advice

    Hello. I'm trying to find information about how the performance parameters differ from each other in Nvidia Control Panel (Texture filtering - Quality line in Nvidia Control Panel) - High performance and Performance. How much one parameter differs from another in terms of graphics quality? How...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Need help to decide build

    Hi guys, I'm currently using Core i5 4440 and GTX 960. Since I have budget constraint, I would like to have an advice whether to upgrade CPU,MOBO and RAM at first or the GPU. I am considering to have an i5 9400f or AMD Ryzen 5 3500x with 1x 8GB RAM(want to go for 16GB RAM) for first step. But...
  17. X

    Question Asking for an opinion on the ASUS TUF Gaming X3 GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER OC Edition 6GB GDDR6

    I would like to purchase this graphic card but i fail to find much reviews for this 1660 super card. I was wondering if any of the owners for this graphic card can give me a review of this card like the temperature during load. All information is appreciated.
  18. D

    Question Pc not running properly !

    Hi ! , i have two hard drives in my home, one i stock in it all my designs and work and the other for urgency cases .So one day my main hard drives start to turn off in the middle of working but is on in the screen because of other components memory like RAM were working instead to show me the...
  19. N

    Question MSI Z97 Gaming 5 & SSD NVMe with Adapter and Graphics Card

    Hello, I'm new in this forum and I have a question regarding the compatibility of the title's components. I have the following configuration: MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard with these specifications: PCI Express: 3 x PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, (support x16, x8/x8, x8/x4/x4 modes) 4 x PCIe 2.0 x1...
  20. noahmb

    Question CPU and GPU compatibility

    I have an AMD A8 5500. What kinds of graphics cards is it compatible with?