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  1. S

    Question installing GPU driver causes bsod

    hi 2 weeks ago I suddenly ran into a problem after reimstalling win 10 after I installed Radeon graphic after 2 days every time I play a game no matter which game I play after 10 - 15 min in game my graphic driver crashes and couldn't restore it normally (radeonwattman error appear on...
  2. L

    Question i3-2120 + gtx 660 on 430w can it work?

    Hey do you all think that a i3 2120 and gtx 660 run on a evga 430w psu. this is the one i own from what ive seen using calculators like outervision that the recommended psu is about 422w but i never built a computer...
  3. K

    Question Any tips how to configure software with graphic card?

    I have a 2 years old gaming pc with gigabyte gtx 1050 ti in it and I was using OC guru II for the fans to run everytime after I start my pc. But yesterday the fans stopped working suddenly and when I tried to open guru, it just showed me a bunch of errors. So I downloaded the Extreme gaming...
  4. A

    Question Which graphic cards suits for AMD A4-5300 APU?

    I have below configurations AMD A4-5300 APU Power - 280 W RAM -12 GB Motherboard - gigabyte f2a58m-s1 Monitor - Full HD 1920 x 1080 x 60 hertz (using VGA cable) monitor have DVI port My requirement is Full HD videos and good graphics, I do not play games... I have listed down below models...
  5. L

    Question Can excess thermal paste short a gpu?

    I had a overflowing thermal paste on cpu issue, so I took it in to the shop to check it out. They are telling me I need to replace both the motherboard and my graphics card, because "thermal paste got in the teeth of the gpu, shorting it out". Is this possible? Or is it a sales tactic? I cant...
  6. overRev26

    Question The problem that NO one could SOLVE!

    My graphic card is not showing any display. I know that the fan on the card spins, all cables are connected, the pci socket works, even my windows boots as i can hear the sound of it. Also whenever I boot my computer with onboard graphics, it works but also while booting it shows a message that...
  7. N

    Question Which graphic is best for rendering

    I need to buy graphic card for renderin lumion and blender Which card is better Rtx 2060 or Vega 64 2060 I hav comfortable budget to buy Vega 56, is it good enough?
  8. hasenjagd

    Question is my Foxconn H61MXE-V compatible with gtx1050

    i want to upgrade my gtx 650 to a 1050 but i don't know if my motherboard will support it or not. i have an i3-3220 and 550w psu
  9. D

    Question Can someone help me with stuttering in games?

    Hi, So basiacally im having problems gaming on my laptop, so i have a gtx 950 and an intel i5 so my problem is everytime i have my Gtx 950 on it will stutter soo much like 1 sec 60 then an other sec 1 it goes on and on till i turned off my Gtx, and b4 anyone starts asking if i updated everything...
  10. D

    Question Can 1060 fit in my case?

    I got a seller willing to sell me his MSI 1060 6gb OC edition I am confused as it is dual fan and i have not installed dual fan graphic card before ...(currently i have 710 2gb no fan) Here is the graphic card...
  11. R

    Question Need help in identifying a sensor for Vega 64.

    Please see the image. View: Memory temperature is not called as the 'hot spot', still I believe if it reaches 86 C might bottleneck the performance. Which spot is it on the graphic card the sensor is? I would appreciate any help. Thanks!
  12. M

    Question 1660Ti compatibility with my motherboard

    Hi, last year i bought a HP Desktop computer (this one, and i want to know if i could upgrade the 1050 to the 1660ti (this one...
  13. RC Knowledge

    Question I am wanting to upgrade my Graphics card because its the only thing holding my computer back

    I am not sure if my mother board is compatible or needs a upgrade so it can. Can the MSI H81M PRO-VD support the GTX 970 ?
  14. R

    [SOLVED] No display GPU for gaming?

    Hello guys, I'm new here I would like to ask that can you play using a non-display port GPU such as GTX 1060 Mining Edition? Is mining edition GPUs work for gaming purposes without display attached to it? Or do I still need to reconsider to buy a display-port available GPUs? I was probably try...
  15. R

    Question Question about a used gpu.

    Hello, I want to buy a new system but will put a used gpu (1060 3gb). This is strictly a very limited 720p budget build and new gpu will hit the roof easily. So my question about the GPU is that since there are ample used mining cards in the market so my question is that is it possible to mod...
  16. S

    Question a GPU for 400w PSU ( hec 400vn 2rx )

    i have been planning to buy a GPU but i am limited with my 400w PSU which is (hec 400vn 2rx) i want to buy gtx 1060 or rx 570 but i dont know if they will work with the psu or not so iam thinking about GTX 1050 ti but it's a drawback
  17. ramavz7

    Question Does GTX 650 Ti requires True Rated Power Supply?

    I have been using generic power supply (750W) with dual molex to 6pin for my graphic card (650ti) But sometimes..whenever i play games. It shutdowns and restart unexpectedly.. Some of my friends told me to buy another power supply because my graphic card(650ti) runs using 100 Wattage power...
  18. S

    Question What is the best graphic card for i5 4440

    What is the best graphic card pairing with i5 4440? I can go for RTX2060 but I believe it will bottleneck pretty bad. This should be my last upgrade before going for new PC. I'm currently using GTX960 2GB on my i5 4440. I find it struggle even playing Far Cry 5. Any recommendation best graphic...
  19. J

    Question Cannot update Nvidia Driver.

    So i have an Asus K555L laptop with nvidia geforce 820m 2 gb. Driver version 376.54. With windows 8.1 64-bit. I recently tried to update the driver but couldnt do it. I tried through geforce experience but it says that the drivers are up to date. Then i tried through the windows device manager...
  20. P

    Question RTX 2080 core clock doesn't work

    I have an EVGA RTX 2080 and I decided to overclock it today. After running multiple tests on the Heaven Benchmark thing, I was able to get +1000 MHz and +130MHz on EVGA Precision X. I also ran a couple pre made benchmarks on some games that I have such as WWZ. However, when I was playing...