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  1. Deno_

    Question Why is my graphics card not working

    Hello, I recently bought a new gigabyte geforce gt 1030 low profile graphics card to replace my AMD Radeon R7. The poblem is whenever I install it my computer won't turn on, but once I take it out my computer works perfectly again.
  2. J

    Question New pc build

    Hi I am new to building PCs, I have been doing a lot of research. I have come up with a build that I plan to make after I get the parts. I would like confirmation that all my parts will work well and be compatible with each other. I plan to play mainly fortnite. I want to be able to play above...
  3. T

    Question With apu screen displays with apu and gpu nothing displays

    I bought a gpu i installed it with an apu but nothing displays. But without gpu apu displays. I think its a setting in bios or something. Its a ryzen apu and a ryzen gpu.
  4. Elessar7

    Question rtx 3060 or 3060 ti

    Hi, I currently have 1060 6gb on my pc and I'm planning to upgrade my gpu once 3060 or 3060 ti become available at normal prices. I have a few questions and I would appreciate if anyone could help me out. My CPU is i5 8400. I was wondering will it bottleneck 3060 ti? I'm only looking for 1080p...
  5. T

    Question How to exceed max resolution?

    Hi. Is there a way to exceed my old's lcd screen 1280 x 1025 max resolution, on windows 10 - 64 bit? Nothing extreme but I would like to go for a 4:3 1440 x 1080 (or around that area) for a particular program that needs it to work properly. I know more modern screens are cheap and mine is...
  6. DReaper

    Question GPU temps doubt

    Hi guys, i bought a Gigabyte RTX 2060 OC Windforce, and playing Cyberpunk for about 2 hours, GPU temp goes up to 75 degrees, is that fine? what temp should not be reaching? with that gpu i have an i7 8700 with 16gb of ram ddr4
  7. boredagain99

    Question Monitor turns off when playing games ?

    My PC Monitor suddenly turns off while playing games but the issue does not occur when playing Low-End Games like GTA San Andreas and etc. The issue occurs when I'm trying to play GTA V, Sniper Elite 2, and Metro Last Light Redux. When my monitor is off my PC is still on. PS: My GPU is brand...
  8. Wolfmeister97

    Question Graphic card on notebook

    Hi! I just bought myself a new laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 3 - 15ARH05). I installed all the drivers (also I downloaded Lenovo Vantage and made a BIOS update). I installed GeForce Experience and so on. But the problem is that the dedicated GPU (GTX 1650) isn't enabled/activated and I don't know how...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] PC crashes then "no signal", I can only use it with the integrated graphics ?

    Hello, I bought my computer a week ago and all was going just fine, just some blue screen crash but I didn't care a lot about it (stupid me). Yesterday, eventually, I was playing a game on Steam and then the game just crashed, I couldn't do anything and I force my computer to shut down. From...
  10. J

    Question Fans ramping up and down constantly, no software can change it.

    Specs : RTX 2080 ti Aorus Xtreme windforce i9-9900k 16 GB 3666 mhz gskill trident z msi hero xii mobo corsair obsidian case Hey so this issue has been quite persistent for a while now, basically the fans on my GPU ramp up to 100% then back down to silent then back up again whenever I am...
  11. Abbisid

    Question Graphic Card Dell Precision M6700

    I have Dell Precision M 6700 3rd Generation Laptop, My graphics card is dead and I am not able to find in market, anyone can help? and also want to know that can I Install 4GB Card in this series because previous card was 2GB
  12. ak195

    Question Is it safe to boost GTX 1050ti Windforce OC 4G rev1.1 ?

    Just thinking of boosting my Gigabyte GTX 1050ti Windforce OC 4G rev1.1 GPU. Will it be safe and stable?
  13. B

    Question Computer issues and electricity problems ?

    So there's a room that i have my pc and 1080p TV in and i have some electricity installement problems in the house, specifically in that room where i have my pc, So the TV mainboard failed and stopped working due to the electricity problems, then my parents bought new mainboard for the TV. I...
  14. boredagain99

    [SOLVED] Is it normal to turn on the GPU fan?

    I know the default is that the GPU fan turns off when not in-game. Is it normal to turn on the GPU using an afterburner even when I'm not playing will it show any effect?
  15. Karasle

    Question Reset Nvidia control panel settings from safe mod.

    I messed up my nvidia settings and now my pc says ”input not supported” whenever i try to turn it on. Ive entered safe mod but i have no idea how i can change or reset the nvidia settings, please help.
  16. Leftnut99

    Question Could I have physically damage my graphic card

    Hi, recently bought a rtx 3090 and install with the computer no problem. But when I started disassembling the gpu to instal new waterblock and backplate the pc stop displaying. I diagnosis every component of my computer and it only seems like the 3090 wont display. Fans and lights are working...
  17. diptodas

    Question My device has PECI version 1 and voltage about 450w maybe,Which one best for me?

    My graphics card right now is an Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family and I would like to upgrade it so that I can play somewhat recent games such as Battlerite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Starcraft 2. Here are my other specs. CPU: Pentium Dual-Core E5300 2.6GHz. CPU Speed: 2.6 GHz...
  18. Samnic Salvatore

    Question GPU not working, System doesnt boot

    Hi Fellow Pc Enthusiasts I have a faulty zotac gtx 1070 mini that doesn't boot for some reason. After putting it into my system and plugging in the display port, the monitor's led shows green but the system can't boot whenever I press the power button. Anyone has any ideas how to fix? I'm...
  19. S

    Question Graphics Card stops working on new PC

    Hey everyone, i recently decided to build a 2nd PC, and assembled it myself (first time building a PC btw). I planned on buying an RTX 3070, but since i couldnt find it at a reasonable price i decided to use my old graphics card for the moment, the ASUS GTX 970 strix. It all went fine, PC booted...
  20. S

    Question 980Ti can hardly run games at 1080p lowest settings

    So I just upgraded most of my system, except for my 980Ti and now know it's the reason I have to play on the absolute lowest settings 1080p. Apex and CoD MW both on lowest settings give me between 20-40 fps, among many others, but certain games like Valorant give me 60 at 4k. I've done a full...