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  1. A

    Question Frustrating FPS and LAG issues for AC SYNDICATE even after changing the settings to lowest possible through .ini file and res to 800x600

    Even after changing the settings to lowest possible through .ini file and res to 800x600, i'm getting absolutely unplayabale FPS. Build: i5, 6GB, GT 730 1gb DDR5. Not ideal ik, but should be playable at those settings. I actually think that some other problem and not the build is the reason for...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Random No Signal at the monitor

    hi everyone. recently I bought SSD m2 and installed it, updated my motherboard BIOS just in case and reinstalled Windows. the first issue that I faced pc does not wake from the sleep mode, so I turned it off. some time after it started to lose signal from a graphic card randomly, mostly during...
  3. D

    Question My computer randomly stopped detecting my graphics card

    My PC had been working just fine up until a few weeks ago where I had left for a bit and just kept it running, and it went into power save mode making the screen go black. Usually I can just tap on the keyboard or something to get it operational, but it didn't work this time. I decided to try to...
  4. Pedro Gonçalves

    [SOLVED] Which graphics card can I put there?

    I wanna put a rx 560 in LENOVO Ideacenter 510-15ICB (oem computer, search for it) and i don't know if the power supply supports it. Hope someone can help me.
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Can i change my graphic card for a gtx 970? am i going to have problem with my system specs?'

    Could i change my graphic card for a new one (gtx 970) if i have this specs? Motherboard: p6td Deluxe edition Processor: I7 x980 Extreme edition @3.33 Ghz Ram: 24 GB DDR3 Triple channel NB frequency 2672.5 MHz Graphic card: MSI GT 730 4GB DDR3 Power supply: ATX (500W) (fanatic , it came...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] My GPU doesn't work in one PC but works on the other one

    PC1 MOBO: ASROCK H97 Pro4 CPU: I5 4460 PC2 MOBO: INTEL DH87RL CPU: I5 4670 The R9 280X works in the PC number 1 but not on the PC number 2. I've even switched the PSU from PC1 to the PC2 and still the GPU doesn't show any response on the display (no signal). Without the GPU the PC shows...