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  1. aleezzk

    Question Hi everyone! What cpu should i choose for editing and litte bit of gaming? i5 12400f or i3 12100f

    So I am a graphic designer and video editor and in my spare time I enjoy playing some games like Rocket League or Warzone so I decided I needed to upgrade my i3 9100f so I got the motherboard which supports 12th gen but now i need to decide what cpu would suffice and also not to bottleneck my...
  2. V

    Question Are there certain cards that are good for media production and not gaming and vise versa?

    So I think I heard that there were certain GPU's I shouldn't buy if I am looking to do media production, like video and photo editing and graphic design. Is this true? Are there certain cards that are good for media production and not gaming and vise versa?
  3. rushrage

    [SOLVED] Looking for a $1600 Prebuilt Computer for Casual Graphic Designer

    Hello, I'm looking for a quick prebuilt buy for someone who works from home with Photoshop and InDesign. It'd be a Windows machine, in the US, and don't have any preference with AMD or Intel. We found this one on Amazon, and wonder if that's a good starting point...
  4. B

    Question Best Laptop For Graphics Work?

    Hey Guys! I would like to get your help and expertise on what is the best laptop for graphics work. PROBLEM: I'm thinking the issue may be graphics card related. As in, my graphics card is not equipped to handle the heavy workload of programs like Adobe CC 2020 and is getting overworked. Could...
  5. G

    Question Monitor Recommendations for Animation and Photography

    I'm looking for a monitor for 3d animation and photorgaphy purposes. I'm currently an animation student, but also plan to do some freelance photography work. I also do a bit of gaming, mostly single player cinematic and RPGs. I've been looking at the SW2700PT($599) for a while now and thought it...
  6. R

    Purchase Laptop for Graphic Designing & Gaming

    Hi I intend to purchase a laptop in a month or so. My Budget is around 60-80 thousand Indian Rupees. I usually game AAA titles now and then (Custom - High settings) but not full-time. Im looking for a laptop that has good colour accuracy, and good graphic card and can handle tasks like blender...
  7. O

    [SOLVED] Looking to upgrade older build to be Quiet and Small - Graphics advice needed

    Hi, looking for some advice please - im in the process of updating my LGA 1155 build to make it run as fast as possible, be smaller and as quiet as possible. My overall intention may end up that i move away from a case and build this all in to my desk. On the graphics card side of things, ive...
  8. robobergz

    [SOLVED] New PC Build - for Designer/Editor

    Approximate Purchase Date: This week Budget Range: $1000 - $1500 -( including monitor of higher end price point ) Skill level - I have built machines in the past but nothing too complex. Willing to do the learning if required. System Usage from Most to Least ( Windows 10 ) Graphic design (...
  9. W

    Question I really need help finding a good monitor (I'm getting seriously stressed out!)

    Why I'm upgrading: I only want dual-monitors. I had this but then one broke. Sadly the monitors I own aren't really available anymore, so I can't replace the broken one even if I wanted to. They're super old anyways. The color accuracy is non-existent and they really make my eyes hurt so I'm way...
  10. K

    SSD disappears from computer causing crash

    Hi all, I'm having a strange issue with my computer where is SSD is becoming undetected after about 5-10 minutes of completely functional use, causing it to crash. My computer: Mobo: Aorus Master-cf z390 CPU: Intel core i7-8700 3.7ghz RAM: Teamgroup 16gb ddr4 GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 OS: Windows 10...
  11. T

    Fios router connects very poorly! Can't browse, times out most of the time!

    I live in a 3 bedroom small house. I have a Fios router in the bedroom along with a wired desktop, running Windows 10, I'm trying to set up a wireless desktop (Window 10) in the living room. My connection is very bad! It takes a long time for a page to load, and sometimes it won't display the...
  12. F

    Using both Intel Integrated Graphics and a Graphics Card at the same time?

    Can you use Intel HD Integrated Graphics paired with another separate Graphics Card ? (GPU) - I am currently running an Intel I5 2500K @ 3.3 Ghz (Sandybridge) on a EVGA Z68 micro sli motherboard and a Nvidia GeForce GT 430. I have read that with Directx12 it is possible to do this to provide...
  13. D

    Can i run smoothly gta5 on dell 3542 icore3 ; 1.70ghz intel graphic 2gb and ram 12gb (additional ram)

    Can i run smoothly gta5 on dell 3542 icore3 ; 1.70ghz intel graphic 2gb and ram 12gb (additional ram)
  14. M

    Question about WiFi channels

    Hi everyone. I have few problems understanding WiFi channels. I'm talking about 2.5GHz channels. I'll be glad if someone can help me with these: 1) why we say channels 1, 6 and 11 are non-overlapping WiFi channels? Doesn't channel 6 overlaps with channel 5? If we are saying it because they...
  15. K

    Laptop will not BOOT UP

    I know for a fact this is not a hardware issue. So let's rule that out. Nevertheless, what I am trying to do is install a brand new windows 10 on my hp sleekbook 15. The thing is when I plug it in and use it as a boot drive. It only comes on as a black screen. Nothing else. I am able to enter...
  16. D

    No center/sub channel sound PC. Two different sound cards tested. Same result.

    The center/sub channel audio on my PC went out a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought that it was a speaker issue, so, I tested across ports and all of the speakers work fine. Next, I figured it was the Realtek integrated card on my motherboard. So, I bought a new Soudblaster Z card with no...
  17. C

    Custom Debug LEDs?

    I'm building a testbench for new hardware and wondered if there was anything many motherboards used to push debug codes, like an output or something that I could hook my own LED controller up to. I want to hook up some Nixie tubes up to the bench and look at the debug codes through them, but if...
  18. gman_97

    Computer boots up, but the monitor light keeps blinking and doesn't show a display.

    Specs: MOBO: GA-B150M-DS3H CPU: Inter Core i3-6100 3,7Ghz GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1050 TI 4GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4-2133Mhz HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 7200RPM 64MB PSU: Seasonic S12II 520W 80+ Bronze As I said in the title, the computer boots up normally, but the...
  19. M

    GPU not working on pcie x16

    Hey guys, my gtx 770 stopped working today. The computer won't boot, black screen of death... Here is the interesting part, if I put the gpu on the x4 pci-e slot, it works just fine but it just won't work on the x16. One would think the x16 slot might be fried but... tested my 1080 on it, and...
  20. J

    New PSU tripping breaker

    I'm building a new gaming rig and ran into a problem. My Corsair rm650x trips the breaker as soon as it's plugged in, before I even power anything on. I had an electrician come over because I was worried it was an electrical problem, but after some checks, he decided the wiring was error free...
  21. A

    Best CPU Cooler for me?

    I'm looking for a CPU cooler for my computer, I don't think a water cooler would fit in my case, or it might. I am looking for as quiet as possible in the range of $25-$100 in USD. Below are my current computer specs My Computer Specs: Case: Zalman Z11 Plus CPU: Intel 4770k Overclocked 4.5Ghz...
  22. G

    Anyone know of this PSU

    Anyone heard of this brand before or know if their products are reliable, seems like a really good deal if they make quality products
  23. Q

    Can I play LOL?

    Hi, I was wondering whether i could play LoL at 5760*1080 at 60 Fps. I have heard that it is easy to run. Specs: Intel Core i7 950 16 Gb G.Skill Ripjaws GTX 750 Ti ASUS OC + 200 core manual OC 1 TB WD Caviar Green 3x ASUS VS-229H-P EDIT: PSU: TX650 MB: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
  24. H

    Could i build a wolf in sheep's clothing type pc?

    Hi everyone! I want to do a super low budget gaming pc build, the family pc (dell dimension 5000) was recently retired from use and is sitting there, i think it would be pretty cool to have the ancient looking pc case, but a few hundred quids worth of fancy new internals. Im used to working on...
  25. B

    spilled liquid on laptop keys now sticky

    i accidently spilled some milk on my laptop thank god its 100% ok but some of the keys are sticky/hard to push how can i clean it
  26. B

    Antec psu name and pictures are different. Hi guys, just need a little help on this, the name and desc are different from the picture I'd love the 620w model. If I order this and it turns out to be the 450w model I can give out about it a swell right? Maybe demand the 620w model.
  27. aXXo TiVo

    Problem With GTX 660 In New PC Build

    Hi everyone, so today I finally got round to upgrading my PC with a new CPU, mobo, power supply and RAM. The problem now is that when I use my old 660 when I load a game up, the game crashes. The screen just stays on the same image, but I can instantly tab out or CTRL+ALT+DEL with the card...
  28. S

    Is this psu enough for my build?

    Hello, i currently have a corsair cx600w M psu thats my runnning my computer specs: i5 4670k asus maximus vi hero 1 tb WD black, samsung 840 pro 256gb powercolor r9 280x CM 212 evo So i have 2 questions. 1. Is it okay for me to sell my Corsair CX600w modular to my friend? Or has it been...
  29. D

    Sony Vegas Pro says Program not responding

    PLEASE HELP! Whenever i open up sony vegas pro 13 it works fine. When i open up something though, it doesnt load it. I've looked everywhere and I can't find an answer! I really need this to be answered soon! Please Help me EDIT: I dont know how to reply, so ill just answer now. Yes, I have...
  30. J

    Overclocking phenom ii x6 1075t

    Hi as stated above, how can i do it? My motherboard is biostar ta890fxe and i also have a thermaltake frio ock cooler. Can anyone here help me with the overclocking? I mean how the procedure is done? I want a stable 3.8ghz frequency.
  31. P

    Can't Connect Second Monitor. Cable/Connection Issue??

    [sorry for dupe post . This following post can be deleted if the linked post is kept] I'm having a very difficult time connecting a second monitor to my desktop. My GPU (AMD Radeon R9 200) has ports for HDMI, displayport, and DDVI-D and DVI-I. My monitors, 2x Dell P2414H, has ports for VGA...
  32. N

    Internet download speed drops when connected over router

    Hi all, Recently I purchased Linksys WRT54GL router because my "old" WRT160N had serious issues with WLAN connection and signal loss, so I have decided to buy WRT54GL because of the good reviews and reliability it offers. I don't have any problems with it whatsoever and I am aware of the fact...
  33. W

    What is the maximum amount of ram for Androidx86

    hi guys, i am looking for RAM for a pc i'm building that will run Androidx86. i am looking a 8GB of DDR3 1866 G.SKILL SNIPER RAM. will this work? Thanks in advance for any help.
  34. P

    RAM/mobo compatibility question(s)

    I was hoping someone here could lend some insight on my situation. I'm interested in upgrading my motherboard (and CPU) and have been looking at the ASUS Z97-A. I have some RAM from a previous build that I couldn't find on this new board's QVL but was wondering if any of you who knew more than I...
  35. K

    New PC won't connect to internet.

    I just built a new PC and it won't connect to the internet to install new drivers. It has Windows 8.1 64-bit installed via external dvd driver and the MoBo is the AsRock Z87 Killer. I've tried to install updated drivers with a usb but for windows to update I need to have an internet connection...
  36. Avocade

    H100i in a Corsair 300R

    I've been doing lots of research on this very topic. I understand the hardware constraints. I'm using an Asus Maximus VI Hero with Corsair Vengeance Pro Ram. The Ram doesn't exceed the ram slot size so can anyone say if I'd be safe?
  37. W

    Enabling the Command Prompt

    When I tried opening the application it kept replying this: "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator" I need help on how to enable the command prompt Thanks in Advance WaleCrown
  38. D

    GTX 760 black screen after attempted install

    Hello all, I recently assembled my first computer consisting of: -i5 3570k cpu -msi geforce gtx 760 graphics card -asrock z77 extreme 4 MOBO -600w corsair cx 600m psu -12 GB ram -It ran fine connected to my monitor as long as the graphics card is not plugged in (able to run windows 8 normally...