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    [SOLVED] Intel HD graphics causing Hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe to crash (BSOD) ?

    I just took off all my PC components to clean off all the dust and set them back nice and clean PC was working well until I tried inserting an old NVIDIA GPU and a Windows 10 installation Then I had to take off the NVIDIA GPU as it has become old and faulty (pink & green patches leading to...
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    Question Nvidia driver 471.11 crashes almost every game i play. Please help

    hiya. noob here. i just recently updated my nvidia driver to the latest version (471.11) and almost every game i play have been showing negative effects. tried to roll back to older versions but the issue still persists. i've always kept the driver up to date at all times but this one seems to...
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    Question Ryzen 3 2200g drivers not available on AMD's website?

    Just brought the Ryzen 3 2200g desktop APU but it's drivers are missing on AMD's official website. Also clicked 'Previous drivers' but nothing available. I ran windows 10 updates and seems like windows has detected (perhaps installed?) the Vega 8 drivers since 'AMD radeon Vega 8' is now visible...
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    [SOLVED] Graphic driver won't install completely and my old one won't unistall. Help!!!

    I'm trying to change my AMD Radeon HD 8330 to AMD Radeon HD 8870. After uninstalling 8330, I restarted my computer and downloaded 8870, then restarted again. But 8330 would still be there and nothing would change. Help please!!!!!
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    Question Please help going insane

    Hi i had a failed update for my graphics card evga gtx1060 after going through evga customer support the first time they had me update my bios which i messed up leading for me to rma my motherboard and get a new one after that evga gave me an rma for my graphics card which i just got back today...
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    [SOLVED] Gpu no signal after installing drivers.

    So my screen goes no signal after i try to start pc after installing gpu drivers. i already made a thread on that: But my question is can use my card with standard drivers of something like that? is there any...
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    Question Lenovo y530 Drivers Problem

    So my friend bought this Laptop and he told me about a problem with his Graphic drivers not updating ,And when he tried to update them it shows incompatibility error. So here's what i tried so far : I tried to install them automatically through their dedicated software (Geforce Experience &...