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  1. B

    Question GTX780 artifacts after a while

    Hello, I think my card has finally keeled over. I was playing with some friends, and the screen went single color (brown) then black, sound got distorted, then cut. Since then I've tried different ram sticks, reapplying thermal paste to both cpu and gpu ( gpu doesn't go over 40 now, but still...
  2. CraveNinja

    Question Graphics Card Graphical Problems - GTX 970

    Hi guys so me and my brother tried installing the Accelero Twin Turbo III for the GTX 970 since his fans didn't work. Since installing them we have been getting graphical glitches white lines all over the screen and also it doesn't boot to Windows. If there is a way to fix this we would really...
  3. N

    Question Weird graphical glitches in witcher 3

    Yesterday while playing witcher 3 for like a few mins i encountered a weird graphical like this I restarted the game n it was fine but it appeared again in a few minutes. Then i used DDU to reinstall the SAME driver and then it stopped Is this perhaps a sign of a...
  4. V

    What does A0 stepping mean?

    I found an ad where smbd selling Intel Xeon E5 Haswell-EP 10 cores 2GHz LGA2011-3 cpu with notice that its going to be hard to find motherboard for it becouse of A0 QDD1 stepping. Is it true?