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    Question Graphical issue with objects and camera shaking, shadows flickering, can anyone identify the problem?

    Hi guys I have had some weird issues with multiple games Shaking objects and clothes especially on main character and NPCs. Shaking camera when above happens flashing lights and shadows, which I think is somehow related to above issues I have tried everything, including fresh windows on a new...
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    [SOLVED] Jagged edges and textures in various games

    Hi, everybody. So, I've been having this problem for a few days now and it's driving me crazy. In all my games, textures look grainy, also noticiable in shadows, they look pixelated and blocky. I first noticed it in Red Dead Redemption 2, I thought it was a problem in the game, seen as I was...
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    Which would be better?

    I can buy either a 7650K or 860K for the same price but my motherboard doesn't support overclocking and I plan to get a GTX 580 for really cheap. Which would yield less "bottlenecks" for recent major titles at 1080p?