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  1. K

    Question GPU sometimes work sometimes doesn't

    I have a 1050ti and I am recently having issues that sometimes after turning the pc off it doesn't turn on but sometimes it does. At times it takes upto 10-15 attempts and it still won't display anything but sometimes it boots on first attempt So far what i have tried : Gpu on a different...
  2. Fallingoutofyourlife

    Question Pc case with 12 to 13 PCIE Expansion Slots

    Hi I am looking for a pc case with 12 to 13 Pcie expansion slots. I am building a pc with 4 HD 7970's (Asus Direct CU II 3GB) They are 3 slot cards. Yes I could do 4 HD 7970's that are of the 2 Slot Variant or 2 HD 7990s. But these are the only ones I have on hand and HD 7990's are rare to come...
  3. FLICKER69


    sorry for my english,i am having a problem recently,my gpu usage is low in every game which is giving me bad fps.i wasn't facing this issue before i don't know what happened to my pc.i've searched everywhere for this problem couldn't find anything.i get like 30-40% gpu usage in gta v and 35-50...