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  1. H

    Question RTX 3080 Chinese

    Hey, So i've pre ordered my RTX 3080 from a local computer store and he said that the Europe distributor has ran out of the stock and that it will be in stock in the first week of February and i can get my Rtx 3080 tomorrow but it will be imported from china i talked about it with my friend...
  2. H

    [SOLVED] Need first PC build guidance

    Hi guys, So next week i'll be building my first PC and these are the parts i have chosen AMD 5600x six core Zotac AMP RTX 3080 10gb Ram 16GB 3600Mhz Corsair RM850x Fully gold modular Confused between Gigabyte X570 UD and Asus prime B550 plus And please suggest me a cooler for the CPU as well...
  3. DominikO157

    Question Pc Restarts all the time after 2 seconds of fan. With onboard Graphiccard it works. With extern it does not. Need to reset or find settings

    My laptop hp zbook g3 (15) restarts all the time. It boots for 2 sec and then restarts. When I take out the extern m2000m graphic card the laptop works fine. When I put it back it happens again. It all started when i put in an usb stick to install Linux mint. The same happend to me before when I...
  4. H

    Question Problems with installing graphic drivers

    I did a clean install of windows recently and I'am trying to install graphic drivers but it keeps getting stuck in the screen that says please wait while detecting hardware. Any suggestions to fix this? CPU: Intel Core i5-9600K Motherboard: MSI PRO Z390-A PRO LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel Z390...
  5. K

    Nice case recommendations?

    I need the best looking micro ATX case. My budget is 150. My only request is a nice tempered glass window, and LED fans included. Throw them at me
  6. C

    Building my first pc, opinions?1

    Hey guys. This is my first post on tomshardware and also my first actual pc build from scratch! I have done modifications to previous pcs but haven't built one. Anyway, here is my list of components; MSI Gaming OC 1080ti Intel i7 7800x ASRock x299 k6 mobo 16GB vengeance Ram My seagate hdd...