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  1. I

    Question Why Do I Get Black Screens When I Play Games??

    I recent just built my first PC. When I try to play any type of games with it I have an issue where my monitors will go black (no mouseinput/pointer) my Keyboard and Mouse RGB lights will flicker off then back on, the sounds that come out of my headphones will have a buzzing effect, I the lights...
  2. D

    Question No POST All fans and lights on and peripheral lights on || EZ DEBUG Shows VGA ?

    Pc Components : GTX 1050ti 4gb (currently using a 750ti because of issue listed below) Corsair Vs550 Series 550W Atx Psu MSI A320M Pro VD plus motherboard Ryzen 5 2600 CPU 2*8gb sticks of generic 2666 ddr4 ram SSD HDD My Issue : With the 1050ti everything looks normal while its booting , all...
  3. G

    Question PC Boots in low resolution and displays out of range when going to launch a game in fullscreen

    Specs CPU : i3-6100 GPU : Zotac 1050ti OS : Windows 7 Ultimate Ram : 8gb DDR4 2400 (1x8gb) PSU: Seasonic S12-II 520 watts I got my new DVI-D to VGA adapter now and the problem is solved thank you for your answers So i have a problem when my PC boots it boots on a very low resolution that...
  4. thirumalai94

    Question Can I use two different graphics cards at the same time

    I have GTX 1060 3GB graphics card, this I recently bought. I am going to buy one motherboard which has two graphics card slots. I already have one old graphics card which is "GT 610 2GB" So, if I can combine both GTX 1060 and GT 610, will it give me more graphics memory (3GB + 2GB = 5GB) ? In...
  5. M

    I bought an FX 8320, should I sell it and get an FX 8350?

    Its making me angry that the only thing that makes me miss the recommended settings on newer games is that I have an FX 8320. I wanted to get the 8350 but I wanted to save $30 for games at the time. Should I sell my 8320 for only a little more performance?
  6. D

    will a 960 fit in this case

    will a pny 960 fit in a azza sirus csaz 206s because i had a pny 650 laying around and it didnt fit so i wanna know before i buy