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  1. B

    Question Issue with components.

    I just bought a new RX 6700xt as an upgrade from my RX 580, installed the drivers needed but when gaming I am getting little to no increase in performance. Also I am seeing that apparently my specs aren't the minimum requirements for any game. Any help? Thanks! The photo should be in the replies...
  2. quocdu_2310

    Question I need help to find a compatible GPU ?

    INFORMATION: MAIN: G1 SNIPER 5 CPU: I5-4670K HDD: 500GB RAM: CORSAIR 16GB (2X8)-1333MHz-DDR3 POWER SUPPLY: 550W So i am thinking about GTX 1080 maybe it will be compatible with my PC but i think the bottleneck percent will be high. Anyone can help me find a compatible with my PC ? Maybe GTX 16...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Will this GPU be compatible with my Dell Optiplex 7010 Mini Tower?

    I linked the 750ti in the thread. Will this card fit in my Dell Optiplex 7010 mini tower? EVGA 750TI Will this GPU work with my Dell Optiplex 7010 Mini Tower? GPU My Motherboard My Power Supply My powe supply has 275watts. I don't have the budget to buy a new one so I hope this all can work...
  4. C

    Need help with my +12v rail

    Hi there. I have a 700W Deep Cool PSU and I'm planning to add a 2 meter LED strip (5050/30) and upgrade my current core i3 6100 to a non-K i5 or i7 in a matter of days. However, I decided to test my PSU before deciding to install the LED strip and just then I saw the +12V rail is at 11.95V (max)...