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  1. Baberbaum

    Question Graphics Card: Green Horizontal Lines and Forced System Shutdown While Gaming.

    Hello Guys, After two weeks I've finally decided to post here. I have been having this problem with my pc (or my graphics card, I'm not really sure) while gaming (Battlefront 2 and GTA or even SWTOR)or doing graphic intense work: All of a sudden green and black horizontal lines appear on both...
  2. F

    Question Is the Colorful GTX 1650 Super any good?

    My friend is trying to build a budget system and he wanted to use a 1650 super. The problem is, that he wanted the Zotac 1650 super but it's out of stock. While trying to look for more cards, i found the Colorful card. There aren't many reviews about it so i'm a bit skeptical whether it's good...
  3. callumparfitt2000

    Question What is this brown stuff on my graphics card heat pipe

    Hello, I just bought this r9 390 off of eBay and it’s arrived and I’ve inspected the graphics card and I’ve noticed this brown stuff on the heat pipes, I’m wondering if it’s rust or if it’s just normal on older graphics cards. View:
  4. pewterpc

    Question Graphic Distortion/Green Dots On Boot

    Hello everyone, Last week, suddenly, my computer wouldn't wake up from sleep - at least, I couldn't interact with it. My lights and fans were on and running. What I tried: I restarted it, and when it got to the Windows Logo - green dots appeared over the screen Checked the monitors with a...
  5. Question RX 5700 stuttering whilst tweaked

    hi ive just bought an rx 5700 and noticed gameplay wasnt as smooth as my previous vega 56. After nearly 2 days of messing about i found if i leave everything as stock within Adrenalin drivers on the overclock section gameplay is very smooth even if you hit the auto overclock buttons...
  6. S

    Question Will a GTX 1050ti mini fit in an HP Prodesk g6 400?

    Hello! Recently I've gotten myself an HP Prodesk g6 400 SFF, with an i7-8700 and a GT730 4gb gddr3, and ive been meaning to upgrade this card to either GT 1030 GDDR5 or a 1050ti mini (Open to any suggestions btw). Please help me choose a desired gpu for my pc. Thanks!
  7. Dajarik

    Question Can't connect psu to 8-pin gpu?

    So I'm trying connect my Q-Dion QD500 PSU to geforce gtx 1660 super oc, that requires 8-pin power supply. On the q-dion's website and pcpartpicker it states that my psu has 6+2pin connector for gpu but in reality all I can see on this PSU is 5-pin and 6-pin connectors, for some reason. Upon...
  8. L

    Question I have an Asus Desktop CM5570 w/ an Intel HD 4600 card

    I need three HDMI outputs. This has a VGA and an HDMI. What card should I get to have multiple monitors?
  9. Question What card are these can someone help me identify?

    Someone is selling me these cards but I cannot identify what model or what they are even the seller doesn't know
  10. N

    Question NZXT BLD extreme frame drops

    SPECS: Ryzen 5 3600 2070 super G Skill Trident Royal 3600 650 PSU m22 Kraken cooling Let me first say I know I can send it back but I am trying to avoid this since I live in Canada. I also do not want to be away from it for long. I am having problems with what I think is my GPU. After...
  11. xXMatr

    Question is this fixable?

    i just got this 1060 6gb gaming X from MSI 2nd hand and found this. does anyone know how to fix this problem? View: when i change the gpu with my old one this does not happen
  12. WhiteSnake91

    Question RX 480 8gb crashing/BSOD during gaming but stable in furmark? Mind boggled

    I'm absolutely mind boggled at my current problem. A little backstory, recently replaced an old asrock pro4 b350 that had a dead ram slot and was faulty elsewhere too since system was randomly completely locking up, did a fresh w10 64bit pro install too. Unfortunately it seems like I've traded...
  13. DJakeF

    Question Failed NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT graphics card replacement

    I am trying to replace a failed NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT graphics card in an XPS 420 I am trying to salvage for a relative. She does NOT need a gaming card. She just wants the PC for office tasks and browsing the internet. I can replace it myself, but what graphics card would do the job in an...
  14. G

    Question How can I figure out how much power my fan and hardrive use?

    How can I figure out how much power my fan and hardrive use? I want to upgrade my graphics card and want to know how much spare power I have for it.
  15. S

    Question will a ASUS GT710-SL-2GD5 GeForce GT 710 fit in my dell optiplex 3010?

    im thinking of buying a ASUS GT710-SL-2GD5 GeForce GT 710 or a GeForce GT 710, but im not sure if any of them will fit and which is the better option, PLEASE HELP!!!
  16. Dhavaljani

    Question Need a 4k Graphics card to pair w/ AMD FX-8150 and Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3

    Is there any graphics card that I could use which would be compatible with my existing motherboard/processor to get me 4k(3840x2160) at 60hz? I currently have 2gb SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6670 but max resolution supported on it is 2560x1600. Would a newer graphics card be limited by my motherboards...
  17. shmu26

    Question Inexpensive graphics card -- not NVidia

    I am looking for an entry-level graphics card, and I don't want NVidia because the machine will run Linux. The only cheap model I see is something like this: VisionTek Radeon 5450 1GB DDR3 But it is DDR3. I am building a new rig that will assumedly use DDR4. By the way, with i7-9700, does an...
  18. S

    Question What should I upgrade to?

    Hey everyone, So I currently have a gtx 1060 3 gb and its starting to become a bottleneck for many games I want to play at 144fps since I recently acquired a new 144hz monitor. I don't know what gpu to upgrade to but I have 400-500 dollars I am willing to spend. Mobo: TUF B360M-PLUS GAMING S...
  19. R

    Question GPU hitting higher temps than normal.

    Hi all, sorry if this is very long, I want to be as thorough in my explanation as possible. I will post specs at the bottom. Recently I've been playing division 2 a hell of alot, I've been playing it at mostly high settings on 2560x1440 (I used MSI AB OC scanner, using the power-frequency curve...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Do I need a new GPU? Black screen w/ hdmi in gpu, works in motherboard.

    As the title says, the display only works when i have the hdmi plugged into the motherboard on the back of the pc, black screen in the gpu. This was sudden and happened after turning my pc back on after it went to sleep, no new hardware was put in or updates occured to trigger this. After...