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  1. Karemell

    Question GPU 100% fan speed black screen

    I was playing fortnite. Suddenly my pc got a black screen and my audio got cut off. I restarted my pc and I had a black screen with my GPU on 100% fan speed. In the past I did have this too, but I could just restart my pc and it worked again. My temps weren't high it was 65-75°c or sometimes...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Having weird "xo" symbols on screen when graphics card in high usage, maybe hardver problem?

    The computer have been built 2 months ago. Problem started appearing 3-4 weeks ago. These are the "symbols" I am getting lately. I am asking what kind problem would it be? Should i try to get a replacement? Thank you, for your help.
  3. M

    How long does it take to flash a bios?

    I'm trying to flash the bios using the usb. The instruction manual tells me to hold down the button until the bios led comes on and wait for the led to turn off to signify that the flash was complete. Its been about 24 hours at time of post and that light is still on. This bios is on an ASUS...