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    Question Dell Dimension 5150 Graphics Card Upgrade

    So, before you say, "why are you upgrading such an old system? Just buy a new PC." I already have a main PC that is fantastic. However, this is just a project build that I don't have very high expectations. This PC was handed to me by an old co-worker who was moving and I wanted to make it a...
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    [SOLVED] CPU Swap - Screen not getting signal.

    I have just swapped out my i5 6500 for an i7 7700. However, when turning the PC back on everything seems to start up as normal, except that the screen doesn’t ever display anything/doesn’t seem to get a signal. I’ve removed the graphics card and tried booting off of the motherboard display...
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    How does freesync work?

    I know that freesync makes the monitors refresh rate the same as the GPU's and it stops screen tearing but doesn't screen tearing happen when the GPU does more than the monitor can handle. How does it being able to change refresh rate affect screen tearing?
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    temps value max

    When you are reading the CPUs temperature which one is the indicator of its temperature the vale one or the maxwhich one one should you read the value or the max one
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    SD card to play mp3 in Japan car audio

    I have a japan car audio player in my car, model is NHDT W55. I can't play an sd card in its sd card slot. Please help me with this problem if any of you know. Thanks a lot.
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    Update BIOS without CPU

    Hi, I have Z170 Maximus VIII Ranger and i7-7700K I need to update the BIOS for the CPU to work is there any way to update the BIOS without installing CPU in the motherboard ???
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    HDD faulty - replacement?

    I ran a test on my laptop using UBCD, as Windows 10 was stuck on the 'Automatic Repair Tool' and it confirmed that the HDD was infact dead. I have a few concerns about buying a new HDD, incase it doesn't work: ■ The laptop was able to boot the DOS interface from a USB to run diagnostics...
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    Possible PSU Problem? Computer won't wake up when in Hibernate mode.

    I have the following Problem: Recently, my computer will go into hibernate mode and has to be forced off and turned back on. I went into the bios and disabled wake up with keyboard and Mouse. Nothing changed. I5-4570-CPU GA-Z87X-D3H- Motherboard Crucial M500 SSD OS WD black 1TB HDD-Storage...
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    power supply to graphics card?

    So i just bought off my friend his old graphics card because he got a new one for christmas and he didnt have the cord that goes from the psu to power the card but i have a cord that came with my psu that has 8 pin but its split 2 and 6 can i use that to power my card?