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  1. Some Somehead

    Question Gt 630 Prototype specs

    Was just wandering whats the gt 630 prototype spec is? Since i used gpuz with mine and it said fake , wanted to match it. Pls answer asap if u can
  2. GangstaSlime

    Question Freeze/Crash with vertical lines on screen (requires force shutdown)

    Over the past 6 months or so I've had this problem: While in use, my desktop will suddenly cut to a screen with vertical, white lines. Every time it does it each of my monitors will be a different color and sometimes there won't be any lines at all, just a colored, blank screen. If I have music...
  3. L

    Question What graphics card should I use for my B450?

    I'm currently building a PC for the first time. I'm planning to use MSI B450 TOMAHAWK ATX for my motherboard. This is an ATX motherboard. My question is what graphics card should I use in order for it to function correctly? After some research I think MSI RX 560 Aero ITX 4G OC...
  4. E

    Question Graphics Card Won't Turn On: PSU Problem? Help Please!

    Hello all, I was playing Apex Legends on my PC when all of a sudden my power cut out. I tried to reboot several times and my PC wouldn't turn on at all. I opened the case and smelled traces of a burn. I unplugged my PSU from everything and then tested it with each component to see what was...
  5. aeromaster03

    [SOLVED] Second hand parts

    So I’m building on a budget and have seen some second hand parts going, what parts are okay to buy second hand and what should I advoid and buy new? Thansk in advance.
  6. djokikralj

    Question ASUS STRIX RX 570 4GB Issues

    Hello, just bought this brand new GPU yesterday (i switched from NVIDIA to AMD) and as soon as i started playing games after like 5 minutes my PC freezes and i have to hard reset it (screen can be white, black, brown... etc). That happens in every game and in benchmark program. I tried 19.1.1...
  7. P

    Question Laptop switching to integrated graphics card when connected to a monitor

    My laptop's screen is kind of broken (still usable, but not pretty), so I decided to connect it to a monitor. Unfortunately, now it seems that my laptop only uses the integrated Intel HD Graphics card instead of the Nvidia card which is also in the laptop. This becomes a problem when I'm playing...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Could you turn an HDMI port to a PCIe port for input?

    This idea was created because the HDMI port has lots of GBps and also has PCIe lanes for low latency. So could you turn that HDMI port to a PCIe port for something like a Graphics Card to connect to? This post on Reddit talks about this: View...
  9. A

    Question Will a Graphics card be better cooled if you suck the hot air out or push cold air in?

    I have a 2080 ti msi graphics card and I'm wondering if it will be better if I push cold air in the case or push hot air out of the case, as i have used my front panels for cpu water cooling and have only my 3 fans at the top and 1 at the back
  10. X

    Question The clock speed of my GPU is not working properly

    just finished building my PC a couple of days ago the only problem is that ive been having very low fps on some of the least demanding games (CS:GO) ive had trouble downloading drivers and have had to use some of the older drivers (This isnt really great for me because i would like to have...
  11. S

    Question PC wont boot, graphics card not giving signal to monitor, pls help!

    I cant boot my PC at all. Yesterday it worked fine, i dont know what happened. You can see in the video what happens. I turn it on, white light blinks, Gigabyte logo flashed for a second and thats it. Even the fans stop. Theres no signal to the monitor. The monitor works, i checked on the other...
  12. S

    Question graphics cards

    I am about to buy a graphics card and i want to see if a XFX GeForce 7300GS DirectX 9 512MB or a GALAXY GeForce 9600 GT 512mb graphics card would work with my pc. I have a first generation i5 pc with 4 gb ram so can i use them? (these are the only graphics card that are available nearby so they...
  13. Mo.R

    Question RX 580

    hi, ive heard somewhere that radeon graphics cards are loud, is the rx 580 or 590 one of them. if it is could you suggest soem quite graphic card around under £300 thanks in advance
  14. Cybertronian109

    Question 1060 or 580 mined ?

    Hi need a suggestion, I have I5 4590 which one should I buy 165$ (23000 PKR) Inno3D or PNY GTX 1060 6GB with complete accessories used (not sure about minning) or GTX 1060 6GB Zotac amp! or Sapphire Nitro + Rx 580 8GB used with complete accessories for 160$ ( 22500 PKR) used in minning for 1...
  15. CreepyNinja

    Question Sudden black screen for 2-5 seconds

    I recently bought a used Vega 64 from Gigabyte (silver edition) for 300 euros (it still has 20 months waranty, so i can ask for a new card), i went for it because you cant deny it, its a hell of a deal! Especially for me because i had a R9 390, so its a massive upgrade. The problem i am having...
  16. N

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to use RTX 2080 on 550W PSU?

    I’m about to temporarily use my 2080 on 550W PSU, I mean like very temporary like once or twice. Is it safe? What’s the minimum wattage for 2080?
  17. S

    Question No display on monitor after installing new graphics card

    I recently bought a gtx 1060 and after I installed it there was no display on my monitor. The fan spins and all the lights are on but the monitor says no signal. What should I do?
  18. L

    [SOLVED] Is Coller Master MWE 450watt enough to handle gtx 960 4GB?

    I want to upgrade my power supply and my vga to the new one. My Specification : Intel core i5 2400 GTX 960 4GB Ram V-Gen Samsung 1x8Gb Motherboard bulldozer h61b-lz Power suply Coller Master MWE 450watt So is my PSU can handle that?
  19. Pro_SaadxD YT Gamer

    Question I need some help to buy a low budget graphics card

    Hi there! someone please help me. I have Intel core 2 duo CPU, 4 GB ram ddr3, no graphics card i have. I am confused which one should i buy for my PC. I really like games. Without graphics card i can't play smooth game. I have no idea about graphics card, so if u help me to find out a graphics...