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  1. OrdJk

    Question How does the gtx 1080ti stack up in 2020 ?

    Considering the release of the RTX lineup and new amd cards , how does the gtx 1080ti compare to these cards ? Is it still worth buying in 2020?
  2. Aziren2021

    Question Where can I get Bulk CPU'S?

    So as the name suggests I am looking for where i can buy Bulk processors, current generation rather than older ones, for a bulk price, For example companies who pre-build systems, do they go straight to the company or instead a Wholesale company? If so, does anyone know of where I can find a...
  3. N

    Question Dell 9010 Business PC MT Tower

    I'm looking to buy this computer I'm wondering what 4gb graphics card would work for it? I've seen some $80-$100 graphics card on Amazon but I don't know what I'm doing lol
  4. D

    Question Lenovo Yoga 720 Compatible Graphics Cards?

    Hello, the Lenovo support for some reason can't give any technical information and directed me to a third-party repair shop to get this information but to me that is very weird So I am here to get the information instead. The Lenovo Yoga 720 that I have has integrated graphics that it uses...
  5. Blakebills12

    Question Graphics card not displaying

    Specs: Motherboard: Prime x470 pro Power Supply: Powerspec 550W, 80+ Bronze Cpu: Ryzen 5 2400g /w Vega 11 Integrated Graphics Gpu: Amd rx 580 (8gb) 2 Ram Slots (corsair veng. 8gb each) I have done a full malware scan, Made sure my HDMI is plugged into my graphics card and not the motherboard...
  6. pritamthegamer

    Question What is the best 650 Watt PSU in different section?

    Firstly let me give you my hardware setup. Processor: Intel i5-6500 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H110M-DS2 RAM: Corsair 2400 MHz, 8GB Graphics Card: Zotac GTX 960, 4GB Normal Version 2 CPU Fans (Cooler Master) Normal HDD: WD 1 TB Green Now, I had a corsair 650 watt PSU vs650 installed which is...
  7. PapaPablo

    Question Good GPUs with no required external power supply

    What are some good Graphics Cards that don't require any external power supply? I'm using a prebuilt PC by the way. And the case is a bit on the smaller side so it would have to be able to fit in it. Specs: Dell Inspiron 3668 Intel i3-7100 with 51 Watt TDP Intel HD Graphics 630 (Integrated) 1TB...
  8. S

    Question Clock Speeds of Graphics Cards(How to choose Parts)

    I'm trying to decide what graphics card i should buy for my new build ( Second ever. first was like 10 years ago and i followed someone else's part list which i don't what to do again as it was lacking for what i need. ), i checked out a few guide videos, one of the key things i understood was...
  9. Devileyes

    Question Which system do you think is better or more futureproof

    Hi, so i am helping a friend of mine build his first PC. He's on a tight budget so this is the build i could come up with: However, we've also found this on bestbuy...
  10. [SOLVED] 960 SLI problems.

    Both GPU's are connected to the PC, as well as they're both shown in Device Manager. Although one of the GPU's is hidden, as well as it says it's "Not connected" when it most definitely is. I've re-seated the cards multiple times, flipped the cards between slots, played with the SLI bridge...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Will All This Fit In The SG 13?

    I assembled this list of parts on PCPartPicker and I really would like to use the SG 13 for it but PCPartPicker seems to think they won't fit. I've compared the parts and their dimensions to Silverstone's SG 13 description and can't find any reason why they wouldn't fit. I don't want to start...
  12. johnx125

    Question Grahpics card problem/crash while gaming

    Hello everyone, I've been dealing with two very annoying problems for the last two months.. when playing games sometimes the screen either looses signal and the gpu fans speed up to 100% or the pc crashes and the screen shows one random color with lines.. This (color with lines) also happened...
  13. Z

    [SOLVED] Is my CPU damaged?

    When I press the power button my whole pc starts running but I don't get a display or a post. Does this mean my CPU is damaged? I am also considering it is a graphics card problem, since one of the lights on the graphics card turns red when I turn it on. I have reseated my ram, but I don't get a...
  14. W

    Question MSI Trio RTX 2080 TI Acting Strange

    Iv'e had this GPU since August and had no issues with cooling. It lives on the wall in my living room in an open style case, Avg room temp 71. Two nights ago I noticed the card getting very loud while playing Monster Hunter World and Borderlands 3 but not Destiny 2. I'm running all the games at...
  15. rounakr94

    [SOLVED] 1070 not performing up to the mark

    I recently changed my 1060 3gb to a 1070 but my performance number didn't increase that much. It still nearly the same. Just a 5-10% increase. I didn't change my CPU though and its still the old 2400G. So what can the issue be here? I am on all latest drivers and Windows Updates.
  16. hi2011090536

    [SOLVED] GPU wont output video (Lights up but no video. Fans dont spin either)

    I just purchased a used MSI GTX 970 4GB for a budget PC I am putting together as a Christmas gift. I tried to test it in my current system, but it wont output any video, nor will it show up anywhere on Windows when I use Integrated Graphics. It has an 8pin and a 6pin. I currently am only using...
  17. A


    Hello guys! So i have GT 1030 and i think its time for me to upgrade. My budget is like 130 Euro. Power supply 500W So yeah, i just dont know to what gpu i should upgrade.
  18. J

    [SOLVED] Upgrading from a 680

    looking to upgrade my old ass card to something a bit more relevant. So far I have my eyes on the gtx 1660 super ($320), the gtx 1660 ti oc ($320), and the rx VEGA 56 ($330). All three are on sale and are similarly priced as you can see. I live in Canada so all prices are in CAD for those...
  19. G

    [SOLVED] Compatibility w/ new graphics card

    Will an Asus M4A78-E mobo with an AMD Phenom II, 64 bit, quad core, 3.0ghz (unlocked) be compatible with a Sapphire Radeon Rx 580 8gb. There is room for it and I am running a 750 watt Antec psu. Thanks
  20. I

    [SOLVED] GPU upgrade or CPU upgrade

    I am currently in between getting a new motherboard and CPU this consisting of a i7 8700k and some z370 motherboard, or keeping my current i7 6700k and AsRock z270 taichi and upgrading my GTX 1060 6gb to a RTX 2070 super. Also i will end up getting a NZXT kraken AIO cooler if i do choose to get...