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  1. fatatesz

    Question New RTX2070 black screen after every first boot up

    Hey guys , I recently bought a GAINWARD RTX 2070 to upgrade my old gtx 1070 card. I installed it , but every first power button start up gets to black screen...So I hit the power button , everything is working ( I can hear and see it inside the pc ) but the monitor shows no signal and stays...
  2. Skyah_tech

    Question GPU garbage display but not overheating

    (excuse me for my bad grammar) So I turned on my pc this morning to play my favorite video game then when windows 10 is booting up it suddenly garbage displayed and btw this is not the first time this has happened to my GPU, the first time it garbage displayed was when I first bought it back in...
  3. T

    Question New set up

    Hello there...Aftet i made a new set up i get a perma black screen that says "Cannot display this video mode,change computer display input to 1920x1080@60hz"and i have a permanent black screen...My old graphics card works fine with the VGA cable when i connect it but the RTX 5700 isnt with the...
  4. MrNiceAngel PC

    Question i have a custom built PC with various named parts

    so MB is a sabertooth x79 12 gig DDR3 i7 3820 extreme CPU. 3 HDD's 1 SDD. sealed water cooled by corsair. NVIDIA Geforce 680 graphics, 1 dvd rewrite-able drive 1 media card reader 1 WiFi card all powered by a corsair HX 750. (given specs so ya can work out power consumption) can I purchase a...
  5. nil2020

    Question Cannot detect Graphics card in the BIOS!

    Hello! I bought GALAX GeForce GTX 1650 Ex 4GB GDDR5 1-Click OC graphics card. But when I put in into my PCIe 2.0 x16 slot, it is not detecting in the BIOS. I have tried many other settings i.e. changing primary video adapter to External PCIe graphics card but it didn't work! Here is my Desktop...
  6. snkmr

    Question 2 GT 710 in one PC

    Hi Guyz I am a small game streamer . Currently i am using GT 710 in my pc with i 5 7400 ... It s good i am able to play games some games. But some games have higher requirements then this. What i am thinking that i could buy one more GT 710 and it will work with other games with charm. But i am...
  7. D

    Question Grey horizontal bars after/during playing games

    I have a multi moniter setup and I have noticed when I exit out of games or tab out there are grey horizontal lines on my main display and sometimes on my secondary. I believe this rules out it being a monitor and was wondering if this is gpu related and if there is anything i can do other than...
  8. lezmaster98

    Question My perfomance with the Rtx 2060 is not reaching full potential

    Hello I am currently having an issue with my GPU (MSI Ventus RTX 2060) where I am missing a good 10-15% performance while playing War zone (Avg fps 70). There are others with similar setups getting more fps and stable where mine is going all over the place but not hitting below 60. My CPU is a...
  9. Jaudr3y

    Question Screen Keeps going black crashing blender

    I recently ran into an issue with my GPU which has hindered my work. My two monitors go black for a few seconds, and then come back. However, it closes Blender, a 3D modeling software, causes Roblox Studio (yes I make roblox game) to go to a white screen. It can also cause Chrome to go white...
  10. B

    Question Can't change resolution in any game

    Hello everyone, I have a Lenovo TNGBGA6 laptop. I have 2 GPUs, Intel UHD 620 and Radeon 530. I've set up my system on high priority so it runs every game with Radeon 530. But, recently I've been trying to make a stretched 4:3 resolution in CS GO. I couldn't find an option in radeon settings so I...
  11. T

    Question Issues trying to get RX 570 cards working in crossfire

    Hi, I have been trying to get my two RX 570 (8GB and 4GB) cards to work in crossfire for a while now and every time I install the other card it comes up with error 43 in device manager, it has power and fan spin, it has new thermal paste and I have reseated it more times than I can count...
  12. B

    WTS Mint EVGA 1660 SC Ultra GPU (Further Reduced)

    I am selling an EVGA 1660 SC Ultra that has about 75-100 hours of use (purchased 1/20/20). It was not overclocked. It is a great video card for 1080p gaming. I moved into 2K so that is why I am moving it. It did have a rebate on it so the UPC is missing from the box, but all of the original...
  13. R

    Question GPU hitting higher temps than normal.

    Hi all, sorry if this is very long, I want to be as thorough in my explanation as possible. I will post specs at the bottom. Recently I've been playing division 2 a hell of alot, I've been playing it at mostly high settings on 2560x1440 (I used MSI AB OC scanner, using the power-frequency curve...
  14. SniiiKzz

    [SOLVED] Do 6 pin to 8 pin adapters reduce performance?

    I just bought a gtx 1660 that requires an 8 pin, me being the dummy that I am didn’t check if I had 8 pin connectors. I ordered an adapter that allows the 6 pin to connect to the 8 pin and I’m worried it might reduce performance
  15. T

    [SOLVED] CPU for SLI

    Hello I currently own an i5-7600k and a GTX 1080 ROG Strix but in my boredom I’ve gone ahead and bought another GTX 1080 Strix for SLI use (Got a very good deal) Now what I am interested in is, will my CPU bottleneck the SLI config (I assume it will) so more importantly, if I am to upgrade my...
  16. JoeCool09

    Question RX 580 causes odd issues?

    Ok, so I know the issue is my gpu, but I don't have the money to buy a new one in these weird times. I've had the card for a while, got it used from ebay (it was lightly mined on from what little the owner said) and it causes some odd issues. Lately, when playing games I'll get an error message...
  17. Starlord22

    Question Replacing my gpu

    Should I upgrade from this? Rx 460 4gb vram Asus strix because im torn between upgrading my gpu or ram which is 8gb ddr4 2666mhz
  18. M

    Question Noob questions about gaming laptops (GPU etc)

    Hi! I’m new the realm of PC gaming and am getting ready to purchase my first gaming laptop. I will be playing WoW, Starcraft 2, SWTOR, Warcraft 3 Reforged and some older games on steam. I am considering computers from Razer, Alienware and MSI. Is an RTX 2080 overkill for what I play? Would...
  19. bradenthefirst

    Question Graphics card to resurrect this re-purposed desktop, or am I crazy?

    I built the PC below several years ago for work, mainly Office products and accounting software. I recently replaced this with a new desktop, so I would like to set this one up for the kids to play Minecraft and Roblox on. The integrated Intel HD4600 graphics can handle Word and Excel, but not...
  20. P

    Question Will this RTX 2060 DVI work with 144hz Will this rtx 2060 dvi work with 144hz monitor (BenQ)? very...