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    Question Graphics card/driver causing black screen and sometimes BSODs.

    I recently bought a brand new NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 from Amazon. It has had problems since I bought it but here recently I updated my OS to Windows 10. I don't have as many issues but there are still some that restrict what I can do. Firstly, I frequently have a problem where if I'm flipping...
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    Question Graphic driver installers causing BSOD

    I recently bought a brand new Nvidia GeForce GT 720 graphics card from Amazon. The installation disc that came with it did not work so I figured I'd install the drivers myself from GeForce or View Max. On the disc cover, it says "Windows 10 64 version users MUST install the GeForce driver 382.33...
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    Question Monitor takes many many tries to get going

    So i've got an old Samsung monitor that works well, once it gets going. i have to turn it on and of 20-30 times before it will flicker into life over 10 more flips of the switch not sure if there's anything i can do
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    What CPU should i get?

    So here is my rig: MSI GTX 1060 6GB i5-4460 3.1Ghz 16GB RAM DDR3 MB: ASUS B85M-G SSD AND HARD DRIVE 1TB/120GB I am streaming and gaming in heavy load situations...i need the BEST cpu my motherboard can support,if its doesnt have a big difference should i upgrade my mb? i dont wanna waste more...
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    what games can I run with this laptop?

    this is the laptop i saw online, i was wondering what present games can i run woth it. h ttp:// thanks in advance sirs!
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    What should I upgrade?

    Hey, I'm looking to upgrade my computer due to low fps in games like Csgo. What will be the best part to upgrade for a nice visible improvement but still relatively cheap (200-300$)? These are my current specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz Manufacturer Intel Speed 1.9...
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    new graphics card r9 270x

    just today i bought a amd r9 270x and installed everything on it. But now when i go to play most games they load up and when i get in-game it plays for a second if that and then the computer completely shuts off. leaving the green boot up light flashing. I have no idea what this means any...