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  1. OnyxProto

    Question Brand new RX580 at 30fps HELP

    I’ve just completed a build with a brand new 2019 Mobo with a i5 8400 CPU and a Saphire RX580 8GB. Once I’d completed the build everything worked fine, I played a game or two to test it out and it ran perfectly, getting over 100 FPS. But a hour or so later and now I’m getting locked 30fps on...
  2. D

    core i7 6800k vs xeon e5 2670 Dual cpu ? For Rendering and some moderate Gaming

    hey Fellas, m so much confused into going with intel i7 6800k 6/12 threads then xeon E2670 (single 8-16 thread) dual 16/32 thread? any help i will be doing 3DS Max Rendering and some gaming too Like GTA 5 and battlefield but both not at time. what you say guys ? my ram is going to be 32gb...
  3. S

    Mounting a 3.5" HDD to PCI slot

    Has anyone had experience with mounting their 3.5" hard drives to their motherboard PCI/PCI-E slots? Do you have any recommendations for this kind of setup? Since my HDD+ODD cages are filled up, I'm looking to purchase something to hold my extra 3.5" hard drives in place inside my PC. The HDDs...
  4. M

    r9 280x for 500w psu

    i5 4460 1x8Gb DDR3 B85M-D3V-a and this psu : will i be able to use r9 280x