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  1. C

    Question Modern warfare graphics issues * NEW graphics card*

    View: ^^^^^^^^ Haven't been able to play the game since it came out i originally thought my graphics card was going bad but i bought a new one and this still didn't fix the issue and i dont know what else it could be. Anyone that could help out would be much...
  2. J

    PC running slow? Try refreshing Windows (Windows 10)

    Recently, I upgraded my computer from a GTX 750ti and an AMD X4 860K to a GTX 1070 and an I7 6700K from Intel. There was a problem, my computer was running games much slower than expected. I was stuck for months without a clue what to do, ordering new parts and such to try and fix the issue. My...
  3. T

    power surges make pc crash

    Firstly i want to say that my pc isn't new, i build it around 4 years ago and i also upgraded it regularly, for example last year i bought an nvidia gtx 980. I have never experienced problems related to power surges before however recently my pc started crashing whenever i try to start a game...
  4. K

    Running out of ram when playing ARK survival

    Hello I am having issues playing ARK survival on my computer. I checked my task manager and I somehow only have about 4-5 gb of ram available which should still be sufficient enough. When I almost get to the game fully loading the screen shuts off and I get a "fatal error has occurred, not...
  5. N

    Am i bottlenecking my cpu?

    So i recently got a new gpu (r9 270x) and i was wondering if I am bottlenecking my cpu... I run bf4 at 30-40 frames at ultra, and when i go 1024 x 768 everything at low i get a 5-10 fps boost if that. My rig... 1. Processor = A8-5500 2. Gpu = r9 270x 3. 8 gigs of ram 4. 600w psu I overclock my...
  6. Abdo Badr

    Shadow Of Mordor Stopped Wokring -_-

    first of all specs (this is a notebook): Hp Probook 450 g1: i5-4200m AMD Radeon 8750m DDR3 2 GB/ Intel HD Graphics 4600 lastest drives 14.9. 8gb DDR3 Ram. Win 8.1 64x bit 720p max resolution. I just got shadow of mordor on steam and whenever I try to launch it on my AMD gpu it stops working...