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  1. D

    Question Call of Duty MW - frame rate was 80+ fps, but now won't go much above 40, REGARDLESS of graphics settings

    Hi folks, Something strange is happening for me, specifically in Call of Duty Modern Warfare - hoping I'm missing something simple but it also feels very odd. Seeking advice to try and make sense of it. My system details at bottom.. I installed CoD MW only a few weeks ago after upgrading my...
  2. zombiesoul

    Question GPU Undervolting/Overclocking

    I was using Resident Evil 2 remake to check Gpu Undervolt, after a few tries I got it to stop shutting pc off but after a few minutes of playing game crashes I have mostly everything at Max graphics settings including 200 percent image quality. So my question: if I am undervolting or...
  3. E

    Motherboard PCIe 2.0 Graphic not working

    Well, i know that there is some kind of limitation between this two to technolgies, but i put an rx 460 on this motherboard: And after 3 months of some errors the card stop working, so i decided to sell it. meanwhile i buy a GT 710 to play...
  4. S

    Do motherboards with dual-channel need two sticks of ram to run?

    I´m going for 8 ram now, and my intention is to upgrade to 16gb next year, so I just got a doubt, do mb need 2 rams to work? I mean all mb nowadays have dual if not quad, so will it star with only 1? ( I know its stupid but I suddenly thought of this and there is no info anywhere). Will it work...
  5. B

    Nvidia driver installer can't find compatible hardware with hp laptop

    Hi, im not a pro, i was just wondering if there was something i could do to install a nvidia driver on my laptop, heres my model and specs: