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    Question VGA Cable Stopped Working On W10 After Graphics Update

    Hello Toms Hardware forums. I've bumped into a unique issue with a new build. On an am4 mobo of recent make, we used the driver disc that came with the MOBO to update whatever Windows 10 drivers that required patching. Process was going smoothly, classic fade in's and fade out's, till the...
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    Slow Gaming Performance

    So i recently did some upgrading on my computer and realized that im not getting the performance i was hoping for. Im currently running: -GA-78LMT-USB3 -Msi R9 380 4GB -CX600 Cosair -16GB 1600Mhz RIPJaws Ram -2 120GB SSD -1 600GB HDD -AMD FX8350 I recently just upgraded the processor from a AMD...