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  1. Maverick1234

    Question Concern with GPU drivers

    Should I download first a new driver for my gpu before installing the gpu to the motherboard? I'm currently using an APU which is the Radeon Vega 8 and I will be switching to the RX 570 . I was wondering if I should download first the driver for the RX 570 before installing it to the...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Can i use more than one power strip?

    Hi, I want to know if I can use two strips at the same time on my pc. i have an old power strip that is: Surge protector 2.5 m with universal power outlets (standard Europe, America, China, Australia). Characteristics...
  3. [SOLVED] Is it okay to run my GPU under full load for an extended period?

    Hi, So as the title says I need to render an 110 Hrs. long animation with Maya Arnold on my GTX 1660 Ti and the temperatures can reach up to 70 degrees Cel. under full load. I have attached a screenshot of GPU-Zs Sensors section (During the rendering process) to grab an idea of the overall GPU...
  4. Anthony2tap

    Question DVI-D to VGA ?

    Hey I recently bought a new pc with a gtx 1650 in it. The graphics card has a DVI-D and an hdmi port. I wanted to conntect my second monitor which only has vga via this converter. The reviews on Amazon say it works but online it says that it isnt possible to convert analog to digital without an...
  5. HotDog_water

    Question Is an I3 3rd gen laptop worth upgrading with an eGPU?

    My aunt got this laptop back in 2013, and she gave it to me as a gift. It's a Sony Vaio E series laptop. It was very slow since it only had 2gb of ram, so I bought 2 sticks of 4gb ram to make it usable. Now that I upgraded the ram, I was wondering if I could upgrade it further by buying an eGPU...
  6. CalvinW

    [SOLVED] Having Trouble Matching PSU with Graphics Card

    So I ended up buying a Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 580 8GB. I tried to buy a 8 pin PSU but they were out of them. Can I use this Corsair CX500M that has 2 x 6+2-Pin ?
  7. TheLoveDoctor

    [SOLVED] I want to upgrade my GPU, I need some advice please

    Hello, I've been considering buying a new gpu, specifically the new RTX 3080. However, are there any things I should consider before buying one? Here are my specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40 GHz Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. H170-PRO RAM: 16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1064MHz...
  8. TechnoNoobMaster

    Question What graphics card (that has dx12) can I get for my Motherboard "ASUS Z97-A"??

    I was trying to play a few games I had downloaded and my old GraphicCard is the GTX750 Ti, but it apparently isnt good enough, so some of the games asked that I need a graphical card that has dx12, but I am not sure what graphic cards my motherboard (ASUS Z97-A) can take and or use.. (I am...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Stuck on blue screen of death since inserting graphics card ?

    Ok. So my friends pc wouldnt give any visual output so i put my graphics card in and tried loading it up. Didnt work. So when we gave up i went home and returned my graphics card back to my pc. Turned it on. Bam Blue screen of death. I tried with integrated graphics and no graphics card in the...
  10. Y

    Question Why is my GPU performing very poorly?

    I tried to play AC Origins and I noticed a massive drop in fps which I didn't understand. Usually when I play the game is very smooth but the pc gets hot from what I've noticed, and I think that's what caused the problem for my GPU to overheat, the GPU in question is a GTX 1660 6GB. My CPU is i7...
  11. MatthewJamess

    Question Will it be compatible?

    Hi! I currently have an ASUS H97M-E motherboard, paired with an Intel Core I5 4460. This is a PC that was built years ago, with the sole purpose of getting me through high school, as I had a PS4 for gaming. However, I'm now getting into the PC gaming world, and the first thing I need to get is a...
  12. DarkDimensionZ

    Question PCIe x16 GPU not detected (no signal) but has signal on onboard

    soooo my pc is transported from a long way and when I on it the video card is not being detected but it has mouse and keyboard light so I think this will work on onboard.. yes it works but the gpu is still plugged in and the fans are not spinning i suggest its from the zero rpm from the radeon...
  13. V

    Question PC Upgrade to 4GB RAM +graphics card for video editing

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my PC Below is my PC current configuration 1 x Intel Core i5-4440 3.10GHz (Haswell) Socket LGA1150 Processor - 1 x MSI Z87M-G43 Intel Z87 (Socket 1150) DDR3 Micro-ATX Motherboard 1 x Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB (1x4GB) DDR3 PC3-12800 C9 1600MHz Single Module I...
  14. Hokkyokuken

    Question New graphicscard now some things dont work

    Hello, i just got a new graphicscard ( Gigabyte geforce gtx 2060 super ) the older one was the geforce gtx 970 ti. I wanted to get a new one because yeah the other one is pretty old. Now to my problem, after installing the graphicscard everything was looking fine but i found some problems when...
  15. TheNinjaToothpick

    [SOLVED] No Display, Tried Two graphics cards and multiple cables

    I’m upgrading a pc to a i5-9400, MSI Z390 and DDR4 ram the graphics card is a GTX 960 everything was placed in well and such but I get no display from multiple cables so I tried my GTX 1070ti in its place and still no display what could be my issue?
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Will my MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus Motherboard Support Two Graphics Cards?

    I am just curious if my motherboard will support two 2070 Super ASUS ROG graphics cards using an SLI bridge? I also have an ASUS PCE-AC55BT installed so I'm unsure how to proceed concerning spacing and compatability. If more information is needed let me know. Thanks in advance!
  17. B

    [SOLVED] Sapphire Rx590 Nitro+ power problems?

    After having troubles with my pc for a while i decided to buy myself a new GPU, i went for the rx590 nitro+ and at the beginning everything looked fine. While testing a few games i noticed some rare stutters and lags. I spent a lot of time checking if i got all the drivers right but couldnt find...
  18. X

    Question ASRock B450 doesn't support 2 Nvidia GPU's?

    Today I built a PC, everything went fine, everything was correctly plugged and installed in every port etc, but the problem arises when I insert either one of my two gpus into the PCIe 16 port (or whatever it is called), the mobo won't recognize it or neither Asus's driver software. It has the...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] Gpu upgrade need help please

    So i been wanting to buy a rx 5700xt to upgrade from my gtx 1060 6gb. Problem is i got a 400w psu. Its a 80+ Gold from BeQuiet. Going by pc part picker the worst case scenario is that it might draw around 395watts which is kinda uncomfortable for me. I know thats unlikely seeing as everything...
  20. P

    [SOLVED] Will this be a bottleneck?

    Hey I'm building a pc on a budget and I'd like to know if pairing a intel i5 9400F with a gtx 1650 or rx 570 would result in a bottleneck. Also which would be better, the 570 or the 1650?