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  1. akuma_devs

    Question nvidia gt 640 3gb ddr3

    hello guys I have intel i5 2400 processor,8Gb ram ddr3 the problem I am facing is that I recently bought Nvidia GeForce gt 640 3Gb ddr3 at first it keeps crashing when I launch any game..(Roblox,call of duty 2,sub Nautica,etc) at that time I had 275wat PSU i thought it was a problem with it I...
  2. SuleMule

    Question What is normal temperature for 1050 ti low profile

    My temperature during gaming goes to 70C but when I dont play anything its 36C to 56C.It that safe and should I buy new coolers? (My monitor res is 1440x900 if has any big inpact)
  3. S

    Question RADEON5670 showing to display

    I have an radeon5670 1GB GPU for about 6-7months, last night I turned on my pc and i had no display idk why, trying to connect with eGPU its working fine, even formatting my system no changes.
  4. wolfteam56

    [SOLVED] mi grafica esta quemada? Translate: Is my graphics card burned?

    mi pc: ryzen3 1200 -gtx 1050ti (actualización gtx1660ti) 16 gb de ram mobo a320 fuente generica de 500w Duda: miren conecte la grafica (la grafica es de 8 pinos pero la fuente solo tenia 6) a la pc y me salia: POR FAVOR APAGUE Y CONECTE LOS CABLES DE ENERGÍA PCI E PARA ESTA TARJETA GRÁFICA...
  5. S

    Question Nvidia quadro 5000 for gaming?

    I've got a quadro 5000(2.5GB) for free. Actually I have GTX 650 2gb Synergy Edition. So should I replace it with the quadro? I won't use it for work, just for gaming and normal use. I play FIFA 19, GTA V usually. Wich card will do better?
  6. V

    Overclock 8350 and m5a97 evo r2.0

    FSB And Multiplier for AMD fx 8350 with asus m5a97 evo r2.0r maxx. if there is requirement for increasing core votage. noctua d15 cpu cooler
  7. B

    Hello i am sorta new to this.

    I am having a problem with my games crashing like every single on of them. And i checked the event logger. And i have a ton of these errors. I don't know if there's more i need to post or not. If you could guide me the right way thank you very much. I also started getting blue screens of death...
  8. M

    Extreme Budget APU based system.

    Approximate Purchase Date: this month Budget Range: as close to or under $350(I don't count shipping in that price; most things are free or close to it anyway) System Usage from Most to Least Important: 7yr old kid, internet games, school work, movies. Few games for older people, racing...