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  1. L

    Question Is Rx580 really far power hungry than gtx1660?

    Good night all. I was thinking about buying a rx580 for his cxb, but I know this gpu must need a 600W psu to run safe. I was looking at gtx1660 too, it can't be Soo cxb than 580, but it has more power efficiency, needs a 450W psu. My question is: there gonna be much difference on electricity...
  2. ajsski99

    Looking to upgrade Mobo, CPU and RAM. Whats my best bet?

    Hiya, i am looking to upgrade the core components of my gaming PC. however, I am unsure of what to upgrade to. i will be playing games like BeamNG, Fallout 4 (Heavily modded) No mans sky etc at 1440p. My current GPU is a Zotac AMP Omega gtx 970. I am not going to be spending tons of money on...