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  1. S

    Question PC Shuts Down displaying weird green lines

    - Specs : - AMD FX 8350 4.2 Ghz - GPU : AMD Radeon R7 250 2Gb (Never overclocked) - 8gb of RAM DDR3 1600MHz - ASUS M5A78L LE USB 3.0 - 500 W Power Supply - 1TB 7200Rpm Disk My PC has been getting this weird green lines displaying on the screen and then shuts down. i only have it when...
  2. dwhit95

    Question Acer XB270HU powering off, half greenish screen and adjusting brightness all on its own. What are my "out of warranty" options?

    Backstory: I bought an Acer XB270HU Monitor off of r/hardwareswap in February 2017. I used the warranty at the time to replace the screen because of some dead pixels and since then it has been working as it should. Problem: The monitor seems to be breaking down on me though. As of about 3 weeks...
  3. k.king

    Info hyperx cloud 2 sound card not working

    i've had the headset for over a year and no problems but in the past week the sound card has stopped working then working again but right now its stopped and its the longest its stopped i've unplugged it changed to every different usb port still no difference it light up and everything ive...
  4. K

    looking for good recommendation

    i have asus m5a88-m mobo, anyone can recommend good processor and graphics card for encoding and gaming? TIA!
  5. Joshua Fredricks

    best for money

    what is the best gaming graphics card for 100 dollars dell xps 420 375 psu 200-240 output?
  6. G

    New Mobo problem

    Hi to all.recently got a new motherboard that my motherboard is much difficult for me has many configuration and do not know how to make a stable overclock. my previous motherboard its to easy for me and i overclock my cpu in 4000Mhz-and my ram 1866.i need help to overclock my Cpu. I HAVE...
  7. PizzaTheHutt

    Alternative firmware for a Sony DSLR?

    Hi guys, I have an old DSLR camera lying around that I thought I would put to use. It is an SLT-A37 and is, overall, a good camera, the only problem is it doesn't have any manual adjustments for audio levels which is a huge disadvantage when recording video with an external mic. Has anyone...
  8. N

    Sticky keyboard solutions

    Any solutions with sticky keyboards? My little brother spilled soda on the keys and now some of them work. I don't want to buy a new one lol