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  1. lizakates

    Question PC sometimes doesn't turn on, GPU fans are running at high speed but no display, also occasionally crashes, usually after sleep mode ?

    I have my PC for around 7 months now and from the beginning I had issues with startup. I thought it might be how I built the pc but I have no clue. The PC sometimes, around 40%, doesn't start and just the lights are on (sometimes not) and the GPU fans spin rapidly. In the beginning it also...
  2. pixelvince

    [SOLVED] PC crashing with black/green/grey flickering screen, occasionally blue screen only when playing games ?

    Hey, I got a new pc this year in January. Since like a month ago, my pc keeps freezing when playing games. This is literally for any game. CSGO, Osu, Valorant, etc. It all happens in the middle of a game or so while playing. The screen would freeze, turn black or green or grey, have a...
  3. Question How to Bypass/Disable BIOS Checking After System Failure

    hi, i am not sure if i used correct term for system failure. let me explain; i have green screen death problem and not sure why is it happening but i have a clue. it happens mostly when i watched videos on both browser and media player on windows. something problematic with these... like they...