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  1. Rehman5000

    [SOLVED] ThinkVision X1 causing green tint on all other displays

    Hello, I am a very tech savvy person, and this strange issue is really bothering me. I hope someone experienced can help. The following are my equipment: Laptop 1: HP Elitebook 840 G6 (can plug 2 external displays via HDMI and USB-C) Laptop 2: Lenovo Ideapad Y700 (can plug 1 external display...
  2. A

    Phanteks EVOLV ATX TG experience or recommendation?

    Hi guys, I've been thinking about buying a case for my soon to be new built PC, I am looking at the Phanteks Evolv ATX TG for some time now, but I've heard it has some airflow issues. Does anyone here own it, and can anyone tell me how big of a problem is it? Also, any one who owns it and...