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  1. willabyblen

    Question Green rectangle artifacts EVGA 3080 on one Monitor

    Hi, I have an EVGA 3080 and have had an intermittent issue with green rectangle artifacts appearing. I have a dual monitor setup two 1440p 144hz monitors one a samsung g7 oddessy and 1 Dell monitor 144hz that was overlocked to 155hz (this is a feature on the monitor not my own overclock.) This...
  2. N

    Question Green lines but not in bios?

    Hello all, I have this one year old prebuilt PC with an RTX 3070. The computer has an issue where when it gets to the windows boot screen (black screen with the rotating dots) some green lines appear all around the screen, then I get a black screen and nothing else. The computer does stay on...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Computer shuts down right after connecting headphones

    This never happened to me before. I put in my headphones to the green round hollow hole socket at the front, and my computer shut off immediately, and these headphones got heated like never before. It might be the case that this happened to me because I connected my headphones with hands that...
  4. [SOLVED] SSD M2 Wd Green Slow 4K

    Hello guys, I recently bought a new m2 ssd for my computer (WD Green SSD M.2 480 Gb) and take a various tests of them. In my tests this rate of transfer in 4k is pure slow. I looked for a test on the internet and found this 240gb model. The question is my ssd is defective? Thank ful for...
  5. Alecs7

    [SOLVED] ASUS ROG Strix RX 580 8GB Green Artifacts, games are running well

    Hello, i have a problem with an ASUS ROG Strix RX 580 8GB GPU. It shows green artifacts all over the screen, excepting on white background. Games are running well, i get same FPS in all games, i tried CS:GO, Shadow of The Tomb Raider benchmark. Also i runned Furmark for 1h, without crashes...
  6. the_calvin8r

    Question Green screen flashes and then PC Reboots When Gaming

    So, I recently built my first PC and need some help. PC specs: CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor Motherboard - Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) ATX AM4 Motherboard Memory - Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory SSD - Western Digital Black NVMe 500 GB...
  7. [SOLVED] PSU Upgrade Question

    Hey guys, I have some issues with this AcBel PSU I have. as I said here, some games (Like Half-life 2 and Mafia 2) cause the PC to set the Fan Speed to Max and the Screen appears Black until I shut it down and reboot the PC. I found out underclocking the GPU can solve the Problem but in cost of...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] Wierd Green Shape when opening Search.

    This problem started when I updated my Windows to version 1903. I had no issues before that. I checked, it isn't monitors problem, as everything else works fine, I never had problems like that before, it only happens when I open search and generally the whole part down bellow. I also took some...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] Please help me, my pc if i see videos or play games freez up

    HI every one. I have tried EVERYTHING but nothing. When im playing it freeze with a noise and if turn down and turn on again the screen is solid green... Idk what to do... please help me. My sys: MB: Gigabyte GA 990 FX UD3 R5 CPU: FX9590 8CORES RAM: 12 GB PSU: ROSEWILL HIVE 1000S 80+ BRONCE...
  10. T

    Question strange noise coming from subwoofer

    hi all i wonder if you can help me troubleshoot my subwoofer. im getting a very strange noise coming from my subwoofer. I can't explain but I have recorded a video. SW is 5 years old thanks <iframe width="560" height="315" src=" View: "...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] Bad System Config Error

    I haven't been able to fix this error. I've used every available solution. I've tried every advanced option from Windows 10 self. And they always fail, I can't run them. Then I came across this thread...
  12. Nelschnyder

    Question My ram won't reach 3000, don't know what to do on bios.

    I have a AORUS b450 wifi pro mother board and a ryzen 5 1600. I just got a new pair of gskill 16 gig ram and I can't seem to run it on 3000 like it's listed. My task manager stated it's at 2133. I've seen you help a lot of people on their posts so I thought I'd ask you personally
  13. JNL96

    Question 1700x Overclock

    Hi fellas I was just wondering if someone could take a look at my overclock settings just to make sure that everything is the way it should be, this is my first time doing it, I've managed to get 3.9 at 1.35 also I've ran prime 95 for about 10 minutes and it seems to be sat pretty stable at max...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Interleaved vs. Fast Path for gaming

    I've been having major packet loss and latency issues on my home network for the last month and a half. I've had absolutely no problems for the last 6-7 years, then all of a sudden out of the blue one day these problems started, almost as if someone flipped a switch. I'm on a very old copper DSL...
  15. W

    Question GTX 670 Power Question

    So I recently got a Gigabyte GTX 670OC 2gb card for cheap and am waiting on a proper psu to power it. It has a 6 pin and an 8 pin that both need power. I currently have a 6 pin and 2x 4 pin. Would this be able to sufficiently power the gpu for the time being? I only need to be able to use low...
  16. M

    Question RX 560 won't go above 1080 Mhz....core clock

    I've bought a used rx 560 4GB edition. The sticker on card says 560D but it shows 1024 stream cores in GPU-Z. But the problem is that it won't go a SINGLE step above 1080 MHz. In After Burner, the slider can go upto 1405 Mhz but nothing actually happens. It still remains the same. I am using...
  17. T

    [SOLVED] GPU model differences

    What are the differences between different GPU models and brands? For example Aorus' Gaming and Windforce. Do they have different performance or cooling? I'm looking for the best cooled RTX 2080.
  18. N

    Question Need For Speed Underground 2 Blurry Title Screen And Text

    Whenever I try to play underground 2, it boots up fine, it runs fine, but the problem is, text and some backgrounds are incredibly blurred and low res, and makes the game pretty much unplayable as I have no idea what in the world is going on in terms of menus, I've tried updating drivers, I've...
  19. conticreative

    [SOLVED] Upgrading from a Asus P6X58D-E MOBO with Intel Core i7 970 to something more current

    As I mention in the title, I have a now over 8 years old workstation with the following (relevant) specs: Win 10 Pro Asus P6X58D-E MOBO Intel Core i7 970 3200MHz 12.279 GB (DDR3-1333 SDRAM) The whole thing has been upgraded over the years and currently I have a 500GB SSD for the OS plus 4 X...
  20. C

    [SOLVED] How do I wipe my pc clean?

    I want to fully restore/delete all of the files on my pc basically wipe it clean. I've been trying for a few hours now, but I don't know how to do it. I just want my files to be gone. Motherboard: MSI - MPG Z390 Gaming Plus Cpu: i5 8400 GPU: EVGA 1070ti RAM: Corsai Vengeance LPX 3000Ghz 16gb...
  21. L

    Question Can i put...

    Can i put Gefore gt 710 in G45GZM-SM motherboard?
  22. J

    [SOLVED] Which Part Should I Upgrade?

    I built this PC for my brother for under $500 dollars (Including Operating System). I know its not going to run as fast as a lot of other PC's, but in the future I want to upgrade a single piece of it as one last time and to hopfully help with gaming and streaming. I just don't know which to...
  23. k.king

    Info hyperx cloud 2 sound card not working

    i've had the headset for over a year and no problems but in the past week the sound card has stopped working then working again but right now its stopped and its the longest its stopped i've unplugged it changed to every different usb port still no difference it light up and everything ive...
  24. C

    Question Laptop memory slot not recognizing RAM

    I posted this a few days ago and haven’t received ay replies. I have an ACER Aspire M5-583P-6428 operating Windows 10 Home (x64) Version 1803 (build 17134.590). The task manager shows 4GB RAM and the control panel also shows Installed memory of 4GB. Researching inform me that the laptop has...
  25. D

    Memory frequency only 2000Mz on XFX Radeon RX 460 Passive Heatsink

    Hello, I've recently noticed my graphics card (XFX Radeon RX 460 Passive Heatsink Edition 2GB GDDR5) reaches maximum memory speed of 2000Mhz only. Altho it should be 7000Mhz. I've checked Radeon Crimson's "vattman" and the highest value i can go is 2000Mhz. I have no other GPU software...
  26. A

    [SOLVED] Asus Prime B250M-K M.2 (Socket 3)

    So I have read thread's about this at this website but I still dont really understand it completely. I want to install a Samsung 960 EVO 500 GB NVMe M.2 SSD...
  27. I

    i7-4770k build not booting need help?

    Computer not booting... Doesnt even get to post screen and just shuts off completely?? After it shuts off.have to either reset cmos jumper, and or unplug power then plug back in or it wont do anything. The PC was fine then went to turn it on and when I pressed power you can see the cpu cooling...
  28. V

    [SOLVED] i7 3770 (non k) vs fx-8350 in gaming

    So for today's modern games which one would do better/ give more performance? fortnite/pubg/blackout/battlefield/apex legends/ etc. Its going to be paired with an r9 390.
  29. NightHawkRMX

    Windows xp on ryzen?

    I have a ryzen 3 1200 and gtx 1050. I want to play some early xp games without a virtual machine. I want to know how this is possible. I know drivers do not exist for xp for my cpu and b350 chipset, but would would the basic xp drivers work? Do xp drivers exist for my 1050?
  30. S

    Is my R7 250 dead? Help this poor man

    Okay so I have a old computer its a gateway GT3212m, very old desktop I believe it was released back in 2006 or somewhere close to that. So I had a weird idea and I wanted to slowly but surely use that old PC and eventually upgrade everything until its a completely different system. The specs...
  31. A

    [SOLVED] is my pc bottlenecking

    im playing skyrim which is a fairly old game, considering i've got a gtx 760 and a i7-4930K i think its weird that im dropping below 60 frames. According to this site it says with my specs im 100% bottlenecking, and im not sure thats true. is gtx 760 really...
  32. Twario

    Frequent stuttering/hitching in various games despite good FPS. Can't find the cause.

    My specs: OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 CPU: Intel Core i5 4690K 3.5GHz RAM: 8GB Dual-Channel DDR3 Motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer Graphics: ATI AMD Radeon R9 390 Series (MSI) Storage: (SSD) 232GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO (HDD) 931GB Seagate ST1000DM Cooling: Cooler Master...
  33. S

    [SOLVED] i7 8700k bios

    I have a Corsair RGB 3000nhz ram xmp. I am using Asus Rog Strix z390 Gaming E and I don't wanna overclock it but use xmp though. Is there a way to use the computer without forcing s overclocked cpu? I read that if you use the ASUS MultiCore Enhancement option in the BIOS. Disable it to use...
  34. S

    [SOLVED] CPU upgrade for laptop recommendations

    Hi. I have a Dell Latitude E5530 which has an i3 3120M cpu. I intend to use this laptop to run Ableton, but it has limitations with this processor. Can anyone recommend a replacement?
  35. J

    CX650M psu and galax rtx 2070 8gb ex compatibility

    I’m new to PCs and was wondering if the GPU (galax rtx 2070 ex 8gb) was compatible with my psu(Corsair cx650m) please help me out :)
  36. F

    ATI Radeon HD 5450 , red dots on screen

    well today i was working with some beats, and my pc shutdown by itself. i left pc turned off for like 2hours then i got bact to turn on. i tried to turn on and it showed me some red dots all over the screen i wasn't able even to start windows in normal mode showing blue screen and then just...
  37. naifm92

    [SOLVED] does AMD Ryzen have Sata limitations?

    does AMD Ryzen have sata limitations? in Intel motherboards (for example an average Z270 board) if you install one NVMe drive it would disable 2 of the sata ports does AMD have the same issue???
  38. T

    [SOLVED] good for after effects?

    I need to get a pc so I can do 4k editing and also work with element 3d on after effects. I was thinking about these specs: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 32gb ram 480gb (SSD) & 2000GB (HDD) Gtx 1070ti I need this for uni cause of my course so i need it to last the next 2 years or so. Thank you!
  39. M

    fresh build can't access bios

    Just built my first rig, was on a budget and had to grab some used hardware. CPU (i5 4440) and Motherboard (ASUS H81-M Plus) where bought used but advertised as good working condition (checked socket and didn't see any bent pins). Grabbed a GTX 970 off a friend that I saw working perfectly...
  40. D

    ASRock BIOS Setting

    First off, I apologize. I'm learning how to get around in here. I asked the question and got an answer about why there is no option to change the cpu voltage in BIOS with the A320M-HDV motherboard.. The other question is. Why does it have OC Tweak option if I can't overclock the cpu. Sorry, I'm...