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  1. jjkingston

    Question Grey Screen SSD Firmware Update

    So I'm trying to update my SSD Firmware on a kingston SHSS37A240G. I've downloaded the ISO file for the update, I've used rufus to create a bootable USB, but when I boot from the USB in my BIOS and select "live - boot the live system" it takes me to a grey Screen with a flashing underscore in...
  2. Angel Keidran

    Question Grey/Green screen?

    I've recently facing an issue that turns my screen into solid grey (if looking close to the monitor seems to have very settle white noise effect) and if i unplug and plug back the HDMI turns into green a solid green screen, forcing me to manual reboot. My GPU is a Radeon RX570 (Driver Version...
  3. Angel Keidran

    Question PSU failure and graphic glitches.

    Recently, I'm facing power shutdowns while gaming (specifically, CoD: Modern Warfare/Warzone 2019) and after such, the PC refuses to start for some time by any means, But when it decides to start it runs perfectly normal during normal usage (browsing, Downloading, updating etc.). I deduce that...
  4. S

    Question Stuck in grey screen

    So my friend built his pc and has had a few problems. At first he could play games normally then his FPS would drop and his USB ports would stop working. I checked his thermals and did a prime 95 test and they were normal. Today his computer said that his boot drive wasnt working but that was an...
  5. ZackG16

    Question Pc Booting To Grey Screen

    My pc boots, shows the windows loading circle and transfers to a grey screen in which I am unable to do anything with. Really need some help with this topic
  6. A

    Question Grey screen on wakeup after shutdown all night

    New HP Envy 17t that intermittently after all night power off, won't wake up, just grey screen and I have to shut down and restart. Is there a cure? I do have an extended warranty but this unit is only 3 months old.
  7. J

    Video editing build - 1080p in Premiere Pro

    Hi, Please comment on my proposed video editing build. Will be using Premiere Pro (and After Effects to a lesser extent) for 1080p video editing for Vimeo and YouTube - budget is strictly under £1400. I also require a silent machine and midi sized case as it needs to be easily portable. I'm not...
  8. A

    Buying Computer Parts

    I am living in the Philippines and planning to build my own gaming pc. Which is more costly, to buy computer parts from Newegg or buy from local retailers in Manila?
  9. J

    Power supply (pc build)

    Should I trust a chines power supply for pc build ?
  10. T

    Corsair Hydro Cooler for AMD Ryzen 1600

    Hello everyone, I am about to build a PC featuring the AMD Ryzen 1600 on a Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3, unfortunately I have no idea what cooler to take. I found the Corsair Hydro-Series H45 cooler which had a very nice price for someone who is on a budget. but im not sure if it fits on the AM4...
  11. Talha_6862

    Ethernet or Wifi?

    MY desktop and internet setup are in two different rooms. The wifi is in the room right next to Wifi and signal strength is full on my desktop. I was wondering if I connect the two with an ethernet cable, would it reduce my ping in online games? I'll have to use a 15-20m long cable or I can just...
  12. J

    How To Dell XPS 13 Error Code Troubleshooting Guide

    Error codes have been an integral part of IT support since time immemorial. Whether generated by hardware, firmware, software or the operating system, telling the user or support engineer what is causing the issue is a core part of troubleshooting. It’s a shame nobody told Dell that. If you’re...
  13. R

    Does it matter in what slot i put it in?

    Hi does it matter in what slot i put my r9 380 in my ga 990xa ud3 motherboard?
  14. B

    Msi computer fps drops

    Hello im using msi ge70 2qd gaming laptop when i first bought computer it ran everything smoothly.But one day something happened i dont know what happened,and when im playing games it drops fps from 150 to 40 for 1or 2 seconds.Its driving me crazy.I appreciate your help
  15. S

    700 Euro Gaming Pc

    Could someone make a really good 700 Euro gaming pc? Thanks :)