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  1. Bikyo

    [SOLVED] I get minor electric shock when I touch any metal part in my PC ?

    Hi, When i plug my pc and touch any metal connected to it I feel a minor electric shock. If i touch my case i dont feel it but if I touch a screw or the IO shield i get shocked a bit, also if i connect my keyboard I'll also get shock when touching the metal part of it. I tried switching...
  2. H

    [SOLVED] Is my computer properly grounded?

    I am trying to resolve an apparent ground loop that is causing me audio problems. I am trying to see whether my PC is correctly grounded. The entire case is laminated and therefore insulated. The only place I can find with exposed metal that isn't on a circuit board is the socket plate on the...
  3. XircuitHed

    Question Wierd Behaviour with Small Case

    Hello folks, first post here: I am working on a build for my mom. Standard home PC, nothing fancy, main constraints are desk space(width) and cost. So I got a vios s607 slim case that came with an SFX PSU (branded vios but obviously some 3rd party white-labeled crap). The case with PSU cost me...