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  1. aspiring_chef

    Question PC shocks, please suggest me a grounding solution.

    Hello error, i just joined the forum to ask this question. Hopefully I'm following the forum's rules properly. So I used to have a cheap HEC PSU that ran well for 5 years, but I always had the issue of getting shocked through any scratched/unpainted part of the case or through touching any USB...
  2. Neth12

    Question Big Electric Shock from USB And audio out

    My pc has worked fine past few year's but since yesterday it gives lots of electrical shock...when i put my Arduino board or usb it shocks me and turn of breaker . And also audio out connected to subwoofer that wire also shocks me..Why..
  3. Netherzapdos12

    USB Mic grounding

    So i've made a lot of research and found out that i most likely have a grounding problem. Just bought a new mic (Tonic G33) and tested it on my Dell Laptop. For about 10 mins of quality testing, it suddenly started having buzzing. I noticed that when i touch any metal part of the microphone, the...
  4. V

    [SOLVED] How can i ground my non grounded outlet?

    Hi guys! I just saw that the outlet in which i plug in my PC has no ground.In fact, just 4 outlets in my apartment are grounded. My question is: Can i run a wire from a grounded outlet to the one that has no ground so both outlets can share the same ground?
  5. F

    Temps and clock speeds after oc

    I OCed my FX-4300 got it to 4.2 GHz and 1.5 v due to it restarting I stress tested it for an hour in Prime95 and the highest temperature I got was 47 degrees, but I disabled Cool n Quiet via bios and my clocks as well as my voltages are fluctuating .
  6. V

    Can I upgrade my laptop GPU for gaming

    I am having Acer e5-571-563b laptop Can I upgrade it's GPU Or what sort of games it can run For eg gta4 fifa gta5 etc
  7. P

    My screen on my Lenova laptop went dim..HELP!

    My screen on my Lenova laptop went dim after pressing the F10 key by accident. This happened before and I read a post that said you just press a certain key upon startup and it worked. But nw I don't remember what key that was. Anyone know what key to press upon startup that will fix the problem?
  8. I

    R7 m260 not running at max clock speed. tested with GPU-z

    Hi toms people. i have recently bought a second hand laptop pavilion 15 with A10 and the r7 m260. but im getting very bad fps. my old laptop with i5 and HD 4000 graphics ran these games no problem. i checked all the drivers installed the latest from the AMD website. turned up the battery usage...
  9. T

    Very hot heatsink problem

    Hi im building another pc for my friend its got a power supply, Motherboard, Ram and cpu we are still waiting on the gpu and hard drive. Its my old motherboard and cpu its a AMD FX 8320 using the stock cooler it gets very hot when I turn the pc on it gets warm by two minutes and by 5 its hot its...
  10. S

    AMD PCI E 16 3.0 motherboard?

    I would like to know if there is an AMD MOBO with a PCIE-16 3.0? I want to get a liquid cooled graphics card, but as far as I can find they only come in 3.0. I know 3.0 is backward compatible, but who wants to hitch a street rod up to a trailer? If I have to upgrade both, I want to do it in...
  11. tokyotech

    Which component is powering down my computer?

    The Problem I have a 5 year old desktop computer that has served me well up until last week. Things started becoming very slow. Going into a folder, opening programs, hovering over buttons, maximizing programs would all freeze the computer for a minute. However, the mouse was still movable...
  12. K

    My share drive is password protected and I entered the wrong password

    My share drive is password protected and I entered the wrong password and clicked "Save my credentials" Now I cannot access the share drive. How do I undo this?