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    Question Linux Ubuntu install on external hdd

    Hi all thanks in advance. I just installed Linux Ubuntu, and was hoping I could do it dual boot, so for safety I installed it on my external hdd via a usb iso install... Everything went grand no issues. Updated it and everything after install. Now when I restart or power off and on it just keeps...
  2. N

    Question Unable to access to UEFI after switching to AHCI - only grub recovery mode

    Hi all, I have an ASUS Vivobook. I was trying to install Linux, and since the installation process was not working (it remained stuck during the loading of the OS installer) I tried to change an option in the laptop UEFI (as suggested on the net). I don't recall the specific option name, but I...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] I think I bricked my half-baked linux installation and I can't use grub resdue

    TLDR: Entered grub rescue to fix my system, tried to install normal module. Didn't work. Need help figuring out what to do next. As the title says. About a year ago, I took an old laptop I had and tried to install a linux distribution into it (elementary OS). This was my first time installing...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] After deleting dual boot pc windows boots slowly.

    Hello friends I have had dual booted my windows 10 laptop alongside Linux Mint. Now I used to choose between OS by linux grub loader.When I used to select windows 10 it took lot more time to boot to windows. It was normal that windows have to boot from scratch every time I was OK with it. But...
  5. H

    [SOLVED] Can't get into grub for dual boot.

    I have a recent model of hp laptop "HP du1065tu" With i5 10210u and a 512 gb nvme... Today I tried to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for dual boot with pre-installed OEM windows 10.. I shrunk the C drive to get 100 gb unallocated for Ubuntu. After installing Ubuntu with 30 gb for root, 6 gb for swap...
  6. GuiRitter

    Question GRUB stopped working on different systems

    Hi everyone. Refer to this thread for context. In 2020's Black Friday I purchased an Intel NUC8i7HNK. In it, I installed 2 250 GB Samsung 860 EVO SATA M.2 V-NAND SSDs. In the first one, I installed Windows 10. In the second one, Xubuntu 20.04. All using UEFI and GPT. All worked wonders for...
  7. atinesh.s

    [SOLVED] Small problem after fixing GRUB menu

    Hello guys, I have a PC with 3 hard disks SSD #1 (Dedicated to Ubuntu 18.04 OS) [SATA3_0] SSD #2 (Dedicated to Windows 10 OS) [SATA3_1] HDD #3 (For other files) [SATA3_2] Usually, when I boot my system, I get a GRUB menu from where I can choose a specific OS to load (Ubuntu or Windows). For...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] SSD disappeared from boot-menu after testing "boot from DVD-only"

    Hello, hopefully I can still get things together right, as this is really getting me to my limits for the last 48 hours. My MSI H81M-E34 doesn't boot from anything anymore, doesn't even recognise the SSD anymore. I m ending up in UEFI shell or nothing. Had a dualboot Win10/Ubuntu which I...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Transfering a windows 10 installation to a new drive.

    Hello everyone! So im running out of space on my C disk and though to transfer my installation to a larger disk. I would normally run Windows media creation tool or Acronis true image to transfer my installation from one drive to another, i am however not able to do so this time...
  10. L

    Question Fix boot linux partition dual boot win XP with PLOP

    Hello, this is the situation: I have an hd with win XP (native/preinstalled) and Antix linux (cloned partition) installed. The boot manager is PLOP because the Nettop has no CD, no drives and the bios doesn't support boot from USB (that's why I need PLOP). I cloned the linux partition from a...
  11. K

    Question How does GRUB and UEFI boot work?

    I installed win10 and a Linux for dual boot on the same ssd, during the installation of Linux, it contains a grub. After installation, I can see there is a new Linux efi file added to the ESP partition. Now I decided to remove the Linux entirely, the first step I did is to remove the efi boot...
  12. B

    Question W10 Grub is glitched, can't read recovery screen

    When booting, I used to get a grub recovery screen, which upon trying the different filesystems it would tell me they were all invalid. So I tried doing doing bootrec FixMbr/FixBoot/ScanOs/RebuildBcd but I didn't have access apparently: And now I end up with this: I have no clue how to fix...
  13. P

    Question Should I upgrade CPU or GPU?

    What is an overall better upgrade? i9-9900k or an RTX 2070 Money is not an issue, so if I have to buy a new mobo, I do not care. I also would like to choose between these 2 options only. Thank you. I intend to stream on twitch, and I hear the new NVENC chips in the RTX 2000 series is...
  14. M

    Question GIGABYTE GTX 1080 G1 Gaming behaving strangely after replacing thermal pads and thermal paste.

    Hi there! First time I'm ever posting here, usually I've just been able to find whatever issue I'm having, but not this time. I recently took off the heatsink on my GTX 1080, and replaced the thermal pads and thermal paste. This was around 2 weeks ago. I re--installed the card after putting it...
  15. R

    Ryzen 3 2200G Showing 256 Celsius

    Ryzen 3 2200G showing a core temp of 256 Celcius while running World Community Grid. Only one of the four cores shows this temperature and it quickly goes back down to 30-65 Celsius depending on the load. I was wondering if this sounds like a legitimate heat issue, a sensor issue, or a software...
  16. O

    [SOLVED] What would i need to battery power a 400w system?

    i would like to run a desktop off a battery and make it somewhat slim and portable, but the main issue is power. I have heard of the HD Plex and would use but i don't know much when it comes to batteries any recommendation?
  17. P

    [SOLVED] How do I enable 7.1 surround sound on my motherboard?

    Hi, I have the GA-AB350 GAMING motherboard but the problem is I don't know how to get 7.1 surround sound on it. It says it has it but you have to do something to get it but I don’t understand it. Can anyone help me?
  18. K

    Can i use amd r7 370 and gtx 1070 on same system?

    Ok, so here is the issue. Can i use gtx 1070 as my main card that sends signal trough r7 370 because 1070 doesnt have dvi-a port and i kinda forgot about that when i bought it. Is my only option to buy new monitor, or is there some adapter to conver signal?
  19. G

    Help finding a replacement M2 screw for this Acer laptop

    I need help with this weird M2 screw standoff combo, I'm wondering if I can use any kind of screw or if I need to get another screw like this from Acer, or what kind of screw do I need to set this in place. Laptop model is Acer Aspire A515 Photos of the situation
  20. J

    Just cable managed my system and now it won't output anything to monitor

    Hello, I just built my second ever gaming PC and when I tested it it booted fine but after I cable managed it it now refuses I to boot and won't output anything to the monitor. I have already tried clearing the CMOS and reseating the GPU and ram. My specs are - GTX 1050 ti Ryzen 7 2700x Evga 420...
  21. L

    My Acer aspire v5 won't go past the Acer logo what do I do

    I have a Acer aspire v5 ive tried to do alt+f2 ,f9 ,f10 nothing works can someone help it's windows 8 please
  22. O

    [SOLVED] Input not supported

    Am using this for karaoke.No problem with monitor when connected to old CAVS player.Hooked up to new RSQ player and all is ok except the input not supported screen will not go away.Any help appreciated
  23. Ryan6700

    Which AMD graphics card would be good for my setup?

    Basically I was wondering which graphics card to upgrade to when I have the money. I'm currently using the Sapphire Radeon R9 290X Tri-X OC. Here in the next couple days I'll be getting the Ryzen 5 2600X with 8GB of DDR4 3000MHz RAM (getting another 8GB next month), and the MSI X470 Gaming Pro...
  24. T

    Acer Aspire dies almost every time you load it up

    I have an Acer Aspire TimelineX 3830TG which apparently dies whenever I turn it on. The laptop has already had some problems, which are that in order to turn it on, it has to be plugged in and doesn’t charge. Apparently, when I power it on, it will start loading but usually just die. The power...
  25. N

    Samsung 8 series 65 inch TV and Yamaha RX-A3070 ARC

    Hi Guys, I have just purchaser a Yamaha RX-A3070 receiver, and I am have problems with the ARC Connection. The ARC works fine watching TV, the only thing going through the ARC is the Audio watching TV. The problem is if I try to use the Yamaha on screen option or switch to the Blueray or the...
  26. M

    acer laptop doesn't charge when plugged in

    My laptop wont charge and doesnt have a removable battery
  27. Z

    Motherboard fried or something else?

    I have a new Asrock B250 Pro4 and when i power it on, it doesn't sound any beeps or displays anything on screen all the fan turns on. Specs: Ram: 4 GB 2400 G.Skill CPU: i5 6400T PSU: Corsair CX650 M 650 w Well, those are the things on the motherboard atm and I have tried turning on my...
  28. N

    How copy my data from Thunderbird and Chrome to another logical drive on the same physical drive

    I have a somewhat messed up Windows 10 with many programs. On the same physical drive, I have another partition with a clean install of Windows 10 on which I would like to start fresh (while keeping my messed up version working). When I'm done setting up my clean install, I plan to delete my...
  29. T

    Low Virtual Memory, lsass.exe Massive Memory Commit

    Hello, I've recently been experiencing random crashes to desktop while gaming (Dishonored 2 specifically). Looking through the Event Viewer, a Resource-Exhaustion-Detector warning is issued around the time of each crash. It appears that lsass.exe is the culprit here, asking for a whopping 49...
  30. F

    Is this Setup good? And which Case should i buy?

    Hey Guys :-), im planning to upgrade my system and remove my FX8350 finally. ( This processor bottlenecks everything -.- i want to play PUBG while Streaming with Twitch and i get like 10 FPS ...) So what i want to buy for a good System with Streaming potential is this: CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K...
  31. K

    No AMD Graphics installed on ryzen 5 2400G

    I have ryzen 5 2400 G apu. i installed graphics drivers but when i open radeon settings it shows no AMD Graphics Driver installed.
  32. Z

    How to transfer Win10 from HDD to SSD on a new laptop?

    I'm planning on buying a laptop soon but I can't find anything with the specs that I need with an SSD. I decided to just buy one with a hard drive instead and buy a separate SSD and transfer the OS from the hard drive to the SSD. How can I use the SSD as my boot drive and leave the HDD for mass...
  33. D

    Applications launching causing major slow down

    I just recently did a fresh install of Windows 10 home and whenever I launch a program (Steam, Discord, Firefox , Chrome) The entire computer grinds to a crawl with mouse skipping around the screen and file explorer becoming unresponsive. However it's starts in under 5 seconds. Specs: RX480 4gb...
  34. O

    Does this mean my Motherboard LAN is dead?

    So I was working on my PC today and I replaced the CPU cooler and reinserted everything back together. After the PC booted up I see the ethernet icon in the bottom right bar and it says no connection available and has a red X, even though the ethernet cable is plugged in. I rechecked everything...
  35. M

    sleeveless cable kit

    I see lots of motherboard pictures, showing off nice handiwork with cable-routing. The cables have no outer sleeve, just the (colorful) insulation layer. Are these cable kits something more than normally sheathed cables with the outer sleeve removed? Is the insulation layer thicker or more...
  36. V

    Should i upgrade my PSU for GTX 1070?

    Hello guys my current specs are: Intel i5 4590 3.30Ghz MSI H87-G43 Gaming Motherboard 16GB RAM DDR3 HD 1TB / DVD-RW GeForce GTX 760 GAMING 2GB Corsair CX-600W 80 PLUS BRONZE I am looking for an upgrade, i'm thinking in buy the GTX 1070 FTW for $429,00. My current 600W PSU should be fine, but...
  37. L

    missing three drivers

    I am using an asus maximus viii hero mother board and have looked everywhere but cannot find drivers for my pci memory controller, sm bus controller or my universal serial bus controller would be greatly appreciated if someone could help.
  38. X

    PC won't boot up

    Hello, today my PC stopped working and I suspect that my motherboard CPU socket pins has some issues (bent) after checking a check list. Please help me take a look if there is any other problems other than the socket being bent. Here is a look of the socket and the side of the processor...
  39. H

    'ATX' case in M-ITX mobo.

    To start off, I would like to list the items I have the inquiry about; Case; . Motherboard; I am just about...