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  1. V

    [SOLVED] using Gskill and corsair rams side by side at 2133mhz

    i have a ryzen 1700x, gtx 1080, 600watts psu, 16gb gskill trident z rgb 3000mhz. I need to upgrade my ram and since my friend is selling off a 1x16gb corsair vengeance 2400mhz ram i was wondering if i can run it along with my gskill kit at the base frequence of 2133mhz and if not will it be fine...
  2. arnuld

    Question ADATA xpg spectrix D41 vs G Skill Trident Z

    I am building up a new machine with 3700X and MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC. I want to put a good quality RAM, From what I have searched 3200 MHz seems good to go. I am in INDIA where every computer is expensive, I have choice of these two with ADATA being cheap by $70...