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  1. S

    Question Connect 3G modem/router to small business network

    Work station "1" and "2" are located on top of building with good GSM reception. Idea is to use 3G modem/router, connected via LAN to non-controllable switch between station "1" and gateway/main switch, as access to internet, and using existing small business network to transfer internet to the...
  2. G

    Question Which network has the best call quality to support sending faxes?

    I've tried sending faxes over VOIP connections before via my home landline (which is now digital) and it's really hit or miss. From my understanding that's because the call audio is compressed to too low of a bitrate. I was wondering if there's any cellular network out there with good enough...
  3. p7r0x7

    [SOLVED] So let me get this staight: CDMA SIM in GSM = fine?

    Let's say you wanted to use Verizon (CDMA) plan on an unlocked GSM only phone--a OnePlus phone for example. This is fine as long as you use a SIM card right?
  4. T

    2019 update - looking to treat my 2011 system to a few upgrades (requesting recommendations)

    In 2015 I made a similar post looking for recommendations on upgrading my system and general feedback was that the 2011 components were still pretty good. My PSU recently melted at one of my HDD connection points and while I am replacing the PSU and the tower itself, I'm wondering if now is the...
  5. C

    if i have a intel hd driver then can i use a nvidia driver

    see i have a Intel graphic card which have been using for sometime now so i wanted to change the driver to Nvidia but it wont let me and let me that Nvidia graphic driver is not compatible with this version of windows.
  6. C

    Wi-Fi Slow on One Computer, But Fine When Tethered to Cell

    OK, I have a funky issue. I have 150/150 mbps service, and my laptop is running about 4/112 on Wi-Fi. I checked every other device in my house, and they are all running normal speeds, so I assumed my network card may be dying (my laptop is Wi-Fi only, no Ethernet port). I decided to tether my...
  7. N

    Wirelss ac1200m repeater

    I have installed a wireless AC 1200M repeater/reuter/ap and it appears on the list of wireless points but when I click on it, it asks for a password. when I input the password for my network [as per instructions] it says incorrect password. Can anybody help please.
  8. M

    Can an Asus ROG STRIX Gtx 1050 fit in a Dell vostro?

    I bought a Asus ROG Strix Gtx 1050 it has the dimensions 24.1 x 12.9 x4 Centimeters , i want to know if it will fit in a Dell Vostro 260 mini tower or a optiplex 390 mini tower
  9. D

    D-Link vs Tenda

    Hi guys, Wanna know what would be a good choice to buy between D-Link DIR842 AC1200 or Tenda AC1200 (AC6) I will be using the router for home purpose not so extreme gaming but will be using for extreme file sharing and video streaming as well as browsing purpose aswell.
  10. G

    Help reset BIOS PW

    Hello everyone, a friend of mine has a Samsung 940x ultrabook that they got from their workplace that has a restrictive (very lol) BIOS password. They came to me because they wanted to reinstall Windows 10, as it is corrupted. How might I get around/disable this BIOS password? Thank you!
  11. M

    Toshiba External Hard Drive 500gb port replacement

    I have a hard drive where the pins in the port have bent and won't connect properly. If someone can tell me what is the name of this part and where i can buy a replacement part that would be helpful.
  12. P

    New laptop clean install win10 on new ssd

    Hello! I want to buy a new laptop with a 2TB hard drive and i want to upgrade it after it arrives with a 256gb ssd nvme. My questions is: How should I install windows 10 on ssd without having it touch the hdd? Should i remove the hdd while I install the win10 on the ssd? And if that works, will...
  13. M

    Will my case fit the NZXT Kraken 62x 280mm AIO

    Hi Members, I own a Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Airflow Edition: I was curious if the 280mm radiator would fit in the roof of this case, Is there much difference in performance between the 280 and 240mm...
  14. D

    Is this my graphics card doing this?

    I have some pictures of my screen and was wondering if I need a new graphics card or if it's something else any help would be great thanks. [/URL][/img]
  15. ravndal15

    Is my mobo ok for Sennheiser game zero or game one headset alone ?

    Hello guys . Planning on buying either Sennheiser game zero or game one headset . I was advised possibly I might need a dac/amp item to get the potential of the headset. I conducted a bit of research and discovered possibly some motherboards perhaps might be enough to provide adequate power to...
  16. L

    I HAVE A PIONEER POWER SUBWOOFER FOR THE HOUSE WITH MULTI SELECTOR SWITCH for in feed power it is set at 110 ac volt. problem

    hopefully their is a idea on whats next to do with out the fan it shuts down tested the fan on a 24 v dc power supply and the fan was good
  17. N

    How to know if my PC has enough power for a new graphics card

    So a couple years ago I bought an Alienware X51. The specs are i7 4770, GTX 745, and 8GB of RAM. I'm looking into getting a new graphics card for it since the 745 isn't really cutting it for me anymore (I'm getting either the GTX 1070ti or the 1080). I only have two problems. 1 is that the pins...
  18. Zaporro

    Is my RAM borked? - UserBenchmark: Below potential 19th percentile.

    Hi, I finished my build and now testing if my components work properly, decided to use UserBenchmark because it gives me a good point of reference. I ran it multiple times and it always tells me there is issue with my RAM (G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200MHZ CL16 2x8GB F4-3200C16D-16GTZR)...
  19. GR1M_ZA

    Intel i7 4790 ( non-K)

    Hi guys, Trust you all are well. I just upgraded from an i5 4440 to i7 4790 and was wondering if my temps are OK? It is paired with a CM TX3 Evo cooler. I have set the CPU in the BIOS to permanently run at the TURBO speed ( 4Ghz) on all cores. On prime95 and Intel Burn-in the CPU reaches...
  20. N

    Intel i5 - 6400 with gtx 1050?

    I wanna know if my cpu is fine to combine it with that gpu. Pc has 2.7ghz. Also I only have a 650w psu. I dont want it to overheat. I used to play Witcher and other games with a Radeon r7 250 but bottleneck was 99%. Testing 1050 online it said bottleneck was 13%. worth buying the 1050? Or am I...