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  1. BurnOuut

    Question Gaming monitor recommandations i need help !

    I will buy a ryzen 3 3100 + gtx 1650 super..with practically the same config as a guy on youtube he gts around 200 fps in low settings on valorant (fps game)..i want a 144 hz or 165hz monitor, is g sync important in this case ? and what about gtg ? does 1ms instead of 4 ms make a difference ? i...
  2. teeteemo

    [SOLVED] [HELP] Is MSI Optix G24C4 G-Sync Compatible?

    Hi guys, I'm planning to upgrade my monitor from 60hz to 144hz I saw this MSI Optix G24C4 worth 9,999 PHP (Philippine currency), but I can't see any reviews if it is G-Sync compatible, can anyone here confirm / send some proof or evidence that this monitor can run G-Sync. I'm using GPU: Gigabyte...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Will I experience screen tearing with refresh rate higher than my G-Sync monitor?

    Hi Everyone As the title says, will I be experiencing a screen tearing when playing a game above the refresh rate of my monitor? I currently have an OC'd MSI GTX 1070 in my rig and when playing Call of Duty Warzone, I could hit 90-110FPS (some graphic settings are not maxed). I have a 1440p...
  4. GoldKingCobra

    [SOLVED] 2060 (G-Sync Compatible) vs 5600XT (Freesync) with Freesync 144hz Monitor

    I'm currently planning a new b450 build for high/ultra 1080p gaming. I'm between the RTX 2060 and the RX 5600XT. I definitely lean more towards Nvidia as my pfp may hint and I like the evga ko aftermarket design. I would normally just go for the 2060 but at this budget I'm going to be buying...