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  1. D

    Question Please Help me pick the right PSU for my Ryzen 5 5600x with GT1030

    Below here is my potato PC build specification : Processor : Ryzen 5 5600x GPU : Zotac gt 1030 2gb ddr5 RAM : 16 Gb Corsair Vengeance. SSD : Kingston 480gb SSD HDD : 1 TB Motherboard : Gigabyte B550M Aorus Pro-P PSU : I am confused here. My budget is very tight. In my budget I can fit a...
  2. B

    Question New GT 1030 is not even reaching Base Clock (<700 of 1250/1500) ?

    So I put my new GT 1030 [] into a computer someone gave me just to make sure the card was working (haven't had time to get the main system up and running), but I'm getting quite a weird result. Note in the...
  3. Moth254KF

    [SOLVED] Is the GT 1030 good for video editing?

    Since there's no graphics card ... The gpu has good render acceleration for 1080p videos (Vegas Pro)? (Or at least to work with 3d model (Blender)) Is cheap, and since it looks like that the stock problem will be solve until 2022... This is more like a temporary upgrade
  4. Vozenger

    [SOLVED] A GT 1030 and a Power Supply dilema

    Hi so, I've planned to treat myself and my little OEM pc with a GT 1030, just for that low/medium settings 720p gaming. The problem here is, I don't know if my power supply can keep it up. My PC specs are the following: -Pentium G3250 3.2GHz -8 GB DDR3 ram @1333MHz -Intel HD graphics...
  5. AntiSipater

    [SOLVED] Is a GT 1030 OC Edition compatible with Gigabyte H61M-DS2?

    After posting about which graphics to go for, I finalized on getting a GT 1030 OC (I'm only buying this temporarily just to have fun gaming till I save up for a whole PC Upgrade) My current specs are: i3 2100 + 6GB Ram My question is that, would I be able to use this graphics card on my...
  6. AntiSipater

    [SOLVED] Should I buy a GT 1030 or Should I wait till I save up some money for a Full PC Upgrade

    So, I currently have a 6-7 year old machine with i3 2100 + Gigabyte H61M-DS2 & 6GB Ram, I'm getting sick of the integrated Intel HD 2000 Graphics and am looking forward to a GPU Upgrade, the one in my affordable range and suitable for my PSU was GT 1030 (7K INR = ~100$) and it turned out despite...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] I'm getting fps like 31 max in Gta V

    My spec. = Q8400 2.66ghz quad core 8gb ddr3 (Dual channel 4x2) Gigabyte Gt1030 2gb ddr5 Antec A30 CPU Cooler I thought I will get fps like between 30 to 60 as 30 fps isn't very smooth.. I saw videos on youtube same spec as my but they running like more than 30 fps :( Please fix this problem *
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Checking all is good with a budget build for a friend.

    Hello, One of my friends is looking to get into PC gaming on a tight budget, around $150, so I thought that upgrading an old Optiplex would be a good option. They need the whole setup including mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Here is the current plan: Dell Optiplex 780 MT with 4 GB of DDR3 or...
  9. CalvinOng25

    Question Is GT 1030 2GB compartible to GA-H61M-DS2?

    I want to upgrade my vga. My vga now is GT 430. My PSU is 530 watt. Can i upgrade it to GT 1030?
  10. sufyanmess007

    [SOLVED] Refresh rate & HZ question,

    I've got a Zowie XL2411P monitor (144hz max) & i play cs on 1024x768 @ 120 hz because that's the max the GPU can handle with HDMI, I can't play 1280x960 @ 120 hz, only 75hz, so if I use DVI would I be able to? Also you can create 1280x960 custom res @ 120hz but it doesn't let you use it, even...
  11. Z

    Question Will this GPU bottleneck my CPU

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a GT 1030 GDDR5 from MSI. I don't know if it will bottleneck my current CPU ( Pentium g630 2core 2 thread CPU running at 2.7ghz) I plan on experimenting with Destiny 2 to see my fps but I will be playing games like Overwatch, Cs:go, Fortnut, Realm Royale ( Realm royale is...
  12. U

    Question GT 1030 or RX 550 2GB

    Need help. I decided to not give lot of money on new GPU. I will mostly play eSport games. Maybe some of the AAA titles like BF V or 1, Fortnite, PUBG, or other games. So, which one is better? RX 550 2GB or GT 1030 (DDR5)
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Is this card currently available or not?

    This graphics card got my attention: My problem is that my monitor only has a VGA port and I don't want to go with adapters. I also know there IS another VGA version of the GT 1030, but I'd rather go for a bigger fan since it...
  14. Saber_1

    [SOLVED] Can I use GT 1030 on foxconn g31mxp motherboard ?

    as the title says will I be able to use the GT 1030 on this motherboard ? Foxconn g31mxp ?. Since the GeForce website says the bus support is : PCIe 3.0 , and I'm not sure if my motherboard has this connector .
  15. S

    Question MSI GT 1030 with VGA port

    I stumbled upon this graphics card: However I can't find it anywhere online. Tried Amazon, Newegg, even Ebay, nothing. So, what's the deal with it? Was it actually released or it's just some prototype?
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Big fan vs small fan on graphics cards regardubg noise

    I'm looking for a GT 1030 graphics card. There are some models with a small fan (like this) and some with big a bigger fan (like this). The problem is (beside the microATX case and a weak 320 psu) is my monitor: it only has a vga port, so i either get the Zotac GT 1030 or get a hdmi-vga adapter...
  17. A

    Question Black Screen Whilst Gaming

    Whilst i game, my screen will go black, the fan (of the GPU) will start spinning extremely loudly and i have restart my pc by the power button to get it working again. There are no patterns/ frequency of these 'crashes'. I am running a GT 1030 from gigabyte. i have a 300v power supply however i...