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  1. TweakTech06

    Question Best modded NVIDIA drivers?

    Hi all, I use a GT1030 and was wondering if anyone could supply me with the best nvidia drivers for gaming. I use Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
  2. Toney12356

    [SOLVED] Gt 1030 in a Hp 8000 elite sff

    Will a gt 1030 work in a Hp 8000 elite sff? My specs cpu - intel core 2 quad q9505 ram - 8gb 1333mhz ddr3 windows 10 I did some research and I don't know with my motherboard would even support a gt 1030 but I do know it supports a gt 730. my Bois version 786g7 v01.02
  3. tsui921

    Question monitor not working with new GT 1030

    I recently got a GT 1030 and installed it just fine, I was careful to turn off the power and ground myself. However, the monitor doesn't pick up anything from the card it quickly flashes "no signal" then stays on a black screen with the orange light similar to if it was in sleep mode. I have a...
  4. R

    Question Is my Motherboard compatible with a newer GPU?

    I currently have a M91p Thinkcentre from Lenovo with a 7034Av2 motherboard and the 9HKT43AUS BIOS and I've been wanting to upgrade to a GTX 1650 (currently using a GT 1030) but I still dont know if its compatible. I've seen lots of people say that they needed to do a BIOS update (not exactly...
  5. FunctionalGaming

    Question Girlfriend PC Build

    So I am trying to convince my girlfriend to get some PC parts so I can build her a PC and she can play some games with me. Her favourite game is Planet Zoo so that's what we are aiming for! The budget is around £300, low I know however I have a spare 1TB HDD, EVGA 600W PSU, keyboard, mouse...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] How do I connect 2 monitors to this PC?

    Specs: CPU: Pentium g2020 Mobo: Gigabyte H61M-S1 RAM: 6gb DDR3 GPU: Gt 1030 HDD: WD 1tb PSU: Intex Techno 450 20+4pin I have 2 AOC 15inch monitors right now. [Image link: View: ] The monitor has type B square and a VGA port. 3)Type B is plugged into monitor and...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] will asus p5qpl-am work with GT 1030

    hello so i was planning to buy gt 1030 (msi aero itx gt 1030 oc gddr5) then i searched about will it be compatible with my pc specs and i am sure i don't have any issues with my psu or cpu but the motherboard is kinda confusing a little bit and i don't know if the gt 1030 support legacy bios...
  8. oh_oooof

    [SOLVED] Would an EVGA GT 1030 work with a 240w power supply?

    Hi, I don't know much about computers, but I'm looking to upgrade the graphics card in my HP Compaq 8300 SFF. I'm thinking about getting a GT 1030 but I'm not sure if it will work with the 240w power supply, and also I would like to know whether the version with or without a fan would be better...
  9. RealSmoke

    [SOLVED] Gpu upgrade

    Will i see a big improvement if i upgrade from msi gt 330 to gigabyte gt 1030? Also does the gt 1030 need any psu connectors? I3 530 cpu (2 cores 4 threads) 4gb ddr3 dual channel 1333mhz (Ram) 1TB hdd 7200Rpm 350 watt psu Motherboard: Manufacturer MEDIONPC Model MS-7616 (CPU 1) Version...
  10. RealSmoke

    [SOLVED] How well will fifa 20 run on my pc?

    Pretty much the title. Specs Are: Intel i5-760 (soon) GT 1030 Asus 2GB GDDR5 (soon) 8GB ddr3 1333 By soon i mean i will soon get these components to upgrade my current stuff.
  11. V

    [SOLVED] GPU is underperforming

    Hello everyone, So I have recently installed a new gpu in my system and it has worked fine for the last couple of weeks playing games mainly overwatch but last week it started under performing usually i would get 60-80 frames but now i get 40-60 I have not changed any settings in Nvidia control...
  12. Koushik Das Sunny

    [SOLVED] DH67BL Mobo, i5 2400, 12GB RAM, GT 1030, Good Graphics Settings For GTA V Without Lagging.

    DH67BL Mobo, i5 2400, 12GB RAM, GT 1030, I want Good & Perfect Graphics Settings For GTA V. I don't want any type of Lagging, If graphics is poor it does not matter for me. Plz Tell me step by step graphics settings in game which is good and perfect for me in game
  13. PredragKov

    [SOLVED] Buying used gtx 750 ti or new gt 1030

    Hello everyone, I have a tight budget and my GPU is little by little having problems and its time to replace it. I do mostly work and little gaming on my pc and soon will start on 3d modeling. I ask of you can you help me to make a smart decision. A friend of a friend is selling Asus Strix GTX...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Buying a New GPU for Light Gaming

    Hi, everyone. I had a problem with my computer last year which I discussed in this thread. I was finally able to send the motherboard and CPU with a friend when he traveled and he was able to test them and discovered that both are working perfectly fine. I have tried the PSU, admittedly not in...
  15. K

    Question gt 730 and r7 240 black screen while gt 430 and gt 1030 boot how to fix either card?

    Hi as in the title this computer booted fine with both a nvidia gt 430 and a gt 1030. Then I tried replacing the gpu with an amd r7 240. the computer had no display and I dont believe it posted. next i threw in a gt 730 and the computer showed the gpu bios boot screen and then black screened...
  16. Question I want to overclock my GT 1030

    So, basically I got scammed by a company. They gave false information about the GPU, instead of writing that it's a DDR4 they wrote that it's a GDDR5. Bought it and used it, it was better than my GT 730 but recently noticed that it's DDR4, so I got scammed. Two weeks have passed and I don't know...
  17. X

    Question MSI GT 1030 Heatsink

    Hello, I have an MSI GT 1030 gpu, with a passive cooler, would it be possible to change the cooler to a fan cooler?
  18. D

    Question No signal with GT 1030

    I have an old 32 bit pc, and I got a GT 1030 to install in it. I tried installing it but it doesnt give any signal. The pc boots up and everything is working besides that. I wanted to try updating the BIOS of my motherboard, but it looks like there are no updates. My motherboard is an Intel...
  19. S

    Question GT 1030 compatible with optiplex 760 sff?

    I have a dell optiplex 760 sff and I'm thinking of buying a gt 1030 (probably pny or gigabyte) but I've heard that some 1030's don't work on legacy BIOS. Is my pc compatible with it?
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Is this card currently available or not?

    This graphics card got my attention: My problem is that my monitor only has a VGA port and I don't want to go with adapters. I also know there IS another VGA version of the GT 1030, but I'd rather go for a bigger fan since it...