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  1. buster108

    Question Would this graphics card run on this system (low end)?

    Heres the system I just got off amazon Not looking to play triple A games on it, mainly just runescape, minecraft and other low end games. The...
  2. Question Can I use Gt 710 graphic card on this Computer

    Can I use Gt 710 graphic card on my pc: Motherboard: Lapcare H61 Processor: Intel Pentium G6290 @ 2.6 Ghz
  3. G

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 + Nvedia GT 710 Will it work?

    Ryzen 5 3600 do not have an integrated GPU & I do not wish to step down to 3400G thus, I am planning to use a cheap graphic card i.e. GT 710 just so that I have video output until I get my RTX 2060. I will not be playing any games and not be doing any graphic intensive work with GT 710...
  4. S

    Question gt 710

    can run gt 710 on asrock g41m-vs3 R2.0
  5. A

    Question GT 710 + Dell Optiplex 3010 Issue

    Hi, so basically I've got this problem with a 2nd hand Dell Optiplex I bought which came with a GT 710 installed, and I've done plenty to get it to try and appear in "Display Adapters". I changed it from Legacy to UEFI and that's all working, but the graphics card still won't appear and I have...
  6. E

    My gt 710 dont have signal and the resistors are heating(solved)

    i have a gt 710 and a gt 1030 i changed my gt 710 with the gt 1030 and i need to do something with the gt 710 and now it didnt work (It has no signal and te resistors on the back are HEATING so much) please i need help now (i am spanish and my english is not so good) PD: the system do a beep(it...
  7. x-orbiter

    Question Nvidia picture quality in 3D

    I recently purchased a GT 710 graphics card and was disappointed by the decrease in 3D rendering quality compared to Radeon HD4670. These cards should be almost identical according to benchmarks, with GT 710 consuming 3x less power. In reality GT 710 is slightly faster, but this seems to come at...
  8. M

    Question Remove Ad Choices Pop-ups

    Thank you. My OS is Windows 10, and I am using Google Chrome browser. I have a website that keeps getting an Ad Choices pop-up, and this pop-up is preventing me from accessing the administrative panel of my site. I would like some sure-fire, proven way to easily uninstall...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] need help with stress test

    Hey I want to stress test my pc bc I ran into problem and want to run stress test so whats a good thing to use and what should I look for ( first time so yea don't know what I am doing)
  10. C

    Cant pair two sb3821-c6 sub to one sb3821-c6 soundbar

    Why not? Both subs are for that soundbar...thanks
  11. N

    Ryzen 3 2200g with updated mobo wont boot

    Hi, so i've recently just bought a set of parts to build a new pc: mobo: asrock a320m hdv cpu: Ryzen 3 2200g ram: Team elite 8gb ddr4 PSU: corsair vs650 no GPU (i use onboard) and a 1tb harddrive with win7 on. when i first built it it wouldnt boot at all, there was (or still is) no beep and the...
  12. P

    WD Black is read as WD blue .

    Hello guys, first time asking something here. Well i ve got a small confusion here. I just bought a HDD WD Black 2TB, and first thing i did was to make a 1.5gb partition , then i went to ( ) which gives you small .exe file to check your hardware . The program...
  13. Vergilangleos

    Gears 4 problem

    Hi everyone I have a problem with this game , my pc has two user one admin and one standard user , and i only can play gears on admin , when i try to launch it from standard user it goes to store and tries to download whole game again , what can i do ?!
  14. I

    What pci e connectros for 6x2

    Hello everyone, I recently got a Asus gtx 760 and I need a to get a power suply but i don't know what kind of connectros do i need because when i want to buy one online it only recommends me 6, 6+2 or 8...
  15. 1

    GA-F2A78M-HD2 Compatibility aand Suggestions

    Hey, I was wondering whether my mobo, GA-F2A78M-HD2, is compatible with the latest Graphics Cards and whether you have any suggestions for Graphics Cards, my budget is around £150 Thanks in Advance!