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    Question How do i fix "The internet gateway did not accept your changes." ? URGENT

    So I'm trying to port forward with my ASUS GT-AX11000. It's not working so I am using the router properties on my Windows 10 PC. (If you want to know why, read below)* Anyways, out of nowhere all my ports were removed and It's now giving me this error. View: I just...
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    Question GT-AX11000 vs. C5400X

    I have decided to upgrade Spectrum to gig service (actually 940mbps). I'm planning to go fairly high-end. For a router I seem to be torn between the ASUS GT-AX11000 and the TPLINK Archer C5400X. A typical usage scenario; Wife and I each checking messages on iPhones, my Windows 10 desktop logged...