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  1. mammoth noel

    Question Is my Intel i7 4820k 3.70 GHz declining my performance by much??

    My specs Intel i7 4820k 3.70 GHz RTX 2080 Ti 4k monitor 16 GB RAM As you can tell the CPU is the weak link, I had it for 6 years and it's been working great, but is it preventing my gaming experience from performing better by much??
  2. G

    What is a good budget gaming mouse?

    Hello. I am looking for a cheap gaming mouse that is good. I see an AZIO GM 2400 at Fry's for $20 but price matcheable to $15 with Newegg. Is there a better gaming mouse than this? I have some criteria for the mouse. 1. Cheap price. I am willing to go up to $30 2. I do not need a very high DPI...
  3. P

    Used the wrong power cord for my psu.

    I recently received a new desktop pc and was exited to set it up. while unpacking my pc I had accidently mixed up my psu power cord with my moniter power cord, since they look exactly the same. I had just started to launch a game and my computer crashed, Im assuming from overheating. I then...