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  1. V

    [SOLVED] would this be considered an entry level gpu?

    I have a system with a AMD-A8 apu (cant remember which exactly), 128gb ssd, 1tb hdd, 8gb ram (can upgrade to 16gb), and a nVidia gt730; would this gpu be considered entry level or is it too low end?
  2. Emziyyy

    [SOLVED] I have a Nvidia GT 730 4GB DDR3, and a Core 2 Duo E7500. I want to overclock my GPU, but I don't know how to over clock it without destroying it..

    i just want to fix the fps drop and i want to make more stable here's a screenshot :
  3. CharlesWhaToDo

    [SOLVED] How do I use APU instead of GPU?

    So i looked up online on how my GT730 is bottleneck to my ryzen 3 2200g so i want to ask how can i use my APU instead of GT730, does it improve my fps on games?
  4. O

    [SOLVED] Looking to upgrade older build to be Quiet and Small - Graphics advice needed

    Hi, looking for some advice please - im in the process of updating my LGA 1155 build to make it run as fast as possible, be smaller and as quiet as possible. My overall intention may end up that i move away from a case and build this all in to my desk. On the graphics card side of things, ive...
  5. JustAFrenchnoob

    [SOLVED] Can i run it ?

    I wanna buy R6 and a new graphics card so i would to know which of these GPU can give me more FPS : My specs : CPU : 4C 4T OC 2.66GHz (it's a pentium j2900 2013) RAM 4GB >> 8GB GPU : GTX 750ti low profile 2gb/ gt730 4gb ddr3 i need your help because i think the gtx will bottleneck my CPU Thxs !
  6. JustAFrenchnoob

    Question Rainbow six siege can run on my system ?

    Hello, i wanna upgrade my desktop computer and i would like to know if with him i will be able to run Rainbow six siege ! There it is : CPU : 4C 4T OC 2.66 GHz GPU : Nvidia GT730 MSI 4GB DDR3 RAM : 4GB DDR3 (upgrade to 8gb) Thank you ! And if it doesn't do the job, can you propose me other GPU ?
  7. JustAFrenchnoob

    [SOLVED] Bottleneck with this GPU ?

    Hello everyone, i wanna upgrade my Desktop computer witch have a Intel Pentium J2900 4C 4T OC at 2.66 GHz, i wanna add a GT730 and i would like to know if there is some bottleneck with that ! Thank you :)
  8. W

    [SOLVED] GT710 1GB GT730 2GB Upgrade - How much FPS Boost?

    Hi guys, I'm Planning to Upgrade my Super Potato-Trash GPU GT710 1GB DDR3 to GT730 2GB DDR3 in order to get better FPS (Especially in GTAV) . my Current PC Specs are CPU - Intel Pentium G2020 GPU - NVIDIA Geforce GT 710 (1GB DDR3) RAM - 4GB DDR3-1333 Gaming Resolution - 1360x768 So if I...
  9. V

    Question No screen on DVI-D after windows load. WHY?

    Hi guys I am new here. I have Intel i5 2320 3.0GHZ Processor. 6 Gigs of RAM (Normal kind). Asus P8H61-M LE/CSM R2.0 Mobo. 3x Sata Hdds. 1 has window installation. Asus Gtx 1060 OC3G Gfx Card. (JUST PURCHASED ) (with clean window and driver installation using hdmi cable) Before had gt730 2gb ddr3...
  10. R

    Question Need a GPU that fits in my MicroATX with a huge cpu cooler...

    Hello, As the title says, I am looking for a GPU that can fit in my MicroATX case, the thing is that I bought this desktop from ebay like 3 years ago and I don't know the dimensions of the case... Here are the specs: Motherboard - Intel - DQ57TM Micro ATX LGA1156 Motherboard PSU - Seasonic...
  11. M.AGamer

    [SOLVED] Will ryzen 2400g bottlenech gtx 1660 ti or rtx 2060

    Hello,i have ryzen 2400g and now i have money to buy a gpu ,so i decided to get gtx 1660 ti or rtx 2060 but i want to know if my cpu will bottlenech those cards.
  12. A

    What are those temperatures?

    I've built a pc with motherboard MSI 760GM-P21, CPU AMD FX 4300, RAM 4GB DDR3 1600, GPU Radeon R7 240 2GB for casual gaming like CSGO, World of Tanks and GTA San Andreas. Everything is in place, this is not my first time I deal with these things, I know my way with systems. The CPU temperature...
  13. K

    Need suggestions for PSU

    I am trying to put together budget gaming rig with this configuration Intel Pentium G4400 3.3 GHz ASrock B150M Pro4/Hyper Transcend 8 Gb DDR4 Ram Corsair Carbide SPEC-02 Case GTX 1050 2 Gb I think I need a 450 W PSU and I am looking for a PSU that can last more than 5 years. Will Corsair...
  14. T

    i5 7600k fluctuating core speed

    Hello, so i just built my 1st pc and i keep getting these weird readings from the cpu, in both CAM software and dual intelligent processor 5 i get around 800 mhz reading in idle, then it suddenly jumps to 4300k mhz, stays like the for like 4 seconds then drops and then spikes again, i am not...
  15. S

    Which one!? Help!

    Okay so I'm buying the GTX 1050 but I'm not sure which one to buy. There is the Gigabyte gtx 1050 and has two fans but there's also the evga gtx 1050 but only has one fan and is smaller. The evga gtx 1050 comes with rocket league but is also $128.88 where as the gigabyte gtx 1050 is $120. WHICH...
  16. G

    Sapphire R7 260X OC 2Gb max temps?

    What is the max temp for the Sapphire R7 260x OC 2Gb edition, because when I'm browsing Reddit and programming my card is at 70-75c and while playing games my card goes up to around 90-100c, Is it normal for this card? I recently cleaned the cooler and the heatsink from alot of dust, but the...
  17. I

    Mouse lag/stutter with Razer Deathadder Chroma

    So this started about 3 days ago, my mouse(Razer Deathadder Chroma) would take 2 clicks or more to respond, or it would even respond sometimes. When I start playing a game, like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, I would ADS but when I hold down the fire button(left click) nothing would happen until I...
  18. T

    Good Gaming PC around 400 dollars?

    Is a good build which is able to play modern games on medium/semi high/high settings OR/AND play CSGO/LoL around 200FPS?
  19. K

    PSU In Singapore

    I'm thinking about buying a 600B power supply from EVGA. I live in Singapore, where the voltage is the same as in Australia. I was wondering how you can change the voltage to make the PSU work here. Also, if there's a switch to change the voltage, where is it. Thanks.
  20. M

    Building my first pc - Is this build good?

    Hello folks! I'm finally putting the last pieces toguether about buying my PC's parts. I wanted, however, more opinions about whether or not this build looks good. I kind of need a quick reply about the RAM, CPU, GPU and Mobo because I found them in a limited time offer which will expire in less...
  21. S

    I think my benchmarks are low even though my components are high-end(probably)

    today i run passmarks performance test and i got a benchmark score of 1639.82 is it a good passmark score my specs: hp 15 r235ne with windows 8.1 I7 5500 u 2.4-2.8 ghz turbo boost -score:4153 kingston ddr3l 4gb ram-score: 1409 500gb sata hdd score-649 nvidia 820m 2 gb score 3d:649 2d score:642...
  22. H

    SSD & Secondary Storage Drive

    hi, I just got a new 500 GB HDD to act as a storage device for misc. things as my SSD was getting full. My questions are: 1. Do I have to format the new HDD to an NTFS via disk management before I should put anything on it? 2. Would it be ok/safe afterwards to install misc. programs (not...
  23. M

    Can anyone top this laptop in performance?

    Yo, I'm new to these forums but I see there are some knowledgeable people here. I was wondering if for a 1,200 budget if anyone can top this laptop in performance: So far it's the best laptop I've been able to find for under 1,200...