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  1. R

    Question Fortnite temps... HOT

    Hello, I play Fortnite and GTA and I notice that my temps get really really hot, especially in Fortnite. My temps reach to 82C when I am in a game, and I am worried that those high of temps can damage my computer. I have my Fortnite settings set for performance, therefore my settings for the...
  2. A

    Question Sapphire Radeon RX 560 4GB OC Pulse System Freeze/Crashes under GPU Load Windows 10

    Hi All, In Windows 10, my PC crashes/Freeze under GPU on Load. I cannot run any graphics demanding GAMES or some benchmark softwares(Geekbench or Heaven Unigine) except Passmark benchmark as it will freeze the System. Then I need to force restart or shutdown the System. But there is no issues...
  3. N

    Question Having framedrops while playing gta

    i play on my laptop -ryzen5 3550h -gtx 1650 -8gb ram i even tried lowering the settings but it still occured. Can it be because my ssd is almost full?
  4. DS Fitz


    My friend was trying to get his gta 5 to perform better and found a 'solution', so my friend changed a setting in a gta 5 file (settings.xml) which made his game look very bad with the rendering distance only appearing very close to him and the shadows and textures looking really bad (literal...
  5. D

    Question Please Help For GTA 5 Game Install

    Hello guys, I have downloaded Grand Theft Auto V | GTA 5 from [pirate site], and I have an issue with a key, so I am not able to install it. Please help me to find out the best site to download this game, So I can install it easily on my pc. Thanks.
  6. narkotrafic

    Question GTA 5 lagging

    Hi all guys. Issue is: - i have pretty decent pc(i5 9400f,16gb ozu 3200 with good latency, 2060s and so on). I recently decided to play GTA 5 roleplay and faced strange problems. I permanently getting stutters. As i was recommended by friends, i put all graphs on low(but i think with my graphic...
  7. E

    Question Can't play GTA online with friends

    I can't play GTA online with my friends, It's always showing that I have a strict NAT, I tried changing my routers NAT type to type 1,2,3,4. Nothing worked... How will I fix this I tried everything I could
  8. X

    Question My Laptop is not giving me good performance while gaming

    I have a hp pavilion 15 gaming cx-140-tx with a gtx 1050 4gb gddr5 dedicated gpu. In Csgo i am getting 70-80 fps on the lowest resolution(1024/768). I checked a performance test and in the test the guy witha a gtx 1050 as well was getting an avg of 150-200 fps on high 1080p. On gta v as well i...
  9. A

    Question Can't sign in with 2step verification to Rockstar

    Hello. My gta 5 is messed up. When i open the game, it shows my vram is 4gb while mine is 2gb. i removed the settings.xml file, even changed the last line related to what gpu it should use, made it read only, non worked. So i decided to ask help from rockstar but i cant sign in because of the...
  10. S

    Question Gaming using external hard drive with a faulty internal hard drive.

    Hi, I'm using Dell g5 with 8gb ram, i7 processor, gtx 1050ti and OS on 128gb ssd. My laptop's internal hard drive got corrupted few months ago showing bad sectors. My laptop's performance reduced from then on. So I've been playing csgo and gta 5 using an external hard drive having 5400rpm...
  11. T

    Question What FPS Should I be expecting with a Ryzen 7 1800x and a 1080ti Aorus Xtreme?

    Hi all, first post in a while. I recently got back into gta 5 and I do think that it isn't running how it should. At 1080p. 2666mhz ram, 750w PSU. First off, I know it isn't overheating if there is a problem. CPU <41C and GPU <65C With everything maxed, including advanced settings and MSAA on...
  12. hej_asger

    Question CPU usage at 90-100% while GPU is at 10-30% in GTA

    i5 8400 @ 3.79Ghz GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 8GB DDR4 RAM Around 60-80 FPS (depending on how many people are in the online session), at around 2400 MB video memory in the settings. As the title states, my CPU usage is super high, while my GPU is extremely low. Any help? (Edit: GTA's CPU usage is at...
  13. Snakeplissken753

    Question Help plz !

    im new to pc gaming andim trying to figure this thing out , ive been playing gta 5 , and for some reason , the game drops to 40 fps and stutters while driving , i checked youtube videos on youtube and people runnning it just fine with the same exact specs that i have my specs are : i3 9100f...
  14. indeedtelll

    Question GTA V 0xc000007b

    I got GTA V from Epic Store and i installed it and i get this error: GTA5.exe - Application Error The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application. My specs: My specs- AMD Ryzen 5 2600 16GB of RAM MSI 1060 6GB Armor Graphics Card 1TB of Storage...
  15. FO04

    Question Low fps on GTA V

    Hello! So i have some issues with GTA V online and offline where my fps is very low for the parts that i have, i'm running at about 35-70 fps on medium settings. I'm running all other games i have on a normal fps for my parts for example i play fortnite at ultra settings at like 110 fps and the...
  16. nospecgamer

    Question Major stuttering with my RX 580 4 GB in multiple games!!!

    I recently posted a thread about some microstuttering on my RX 580 4 GB that started last week but no one responded. This week the stutter has gotten worse to the point where I can't even play at my normal settings anymore, even trying to lower the settings down to medium in GTA 5 still has...
  17. pranav.appu.472

    Question GTA 4 lag after update...

    I had a version of GTA 4 v1.0.1.0 which ran almost 30 fps at low 768p at relatively low view distance. But it has some occasional freezes so I updated to v1.0.7.0, but now it has massive stutters when running at anything other than absolutely lowest settings. Why updating causes it to lag...
  18. R

    [SOLVED] GTA 5 Ram...Help

    Hello, I play GTA 5 often, and I opened task manager one time, and my memory was at 71 percent, and it usually stays there. My cpu usually stays at like 23 percent, and my other ones are like 0 percent. When I click performance, my ram said that it was using a lot of GTA 5 and there is 4.5...
  19. Zencxal


    Steam Is Saying I Dont Have Siege Installed But When I Go Into My Files On My PC It Just Straight Up Crashes. I Was Playing Fine Earlier And Then me And My Friend Decided To Reset Our PC And Do Some Overclocking. And I Overclocked My GPU And Launched GTA And It Crashed. So It Was A Classic...
  20. Lindoff1900

    [SOLVED] GTA V Online Odd Performance issue HELP

    Hello, I'm having some issues with gta online after a recent hardware change. In GTA V storymode Im at a stable 70-120fps WITH very high/ high settings, 1920×1080. GTA online same settings 30-70 fps mostly around 50 in a lobby with 10-20 player. With 20+ players it goes to around 30-45 fps and...