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  1. Bixbi003

    Question Does HP 3330 MT support a GTS 250 ?

    I have an HP 3330 MT and I'm going to buy a GTS 250 512mb GPU. Will my HP 3330 MT support it ? Please help. My specs.. DDR3 2gb ram Intel pentium G630 500Gb HDD 500w psu
  2. T

    Low budget CPU upgrade

    Hello, I bought a prebuilt PC with a Nvidia 1050ti and a Intel I3 7100. I want to be able to play ARMA 3 with atleast 30 FPS and to browse around games without worrying about my CPU to give up on me. (8gb ram with 1tb HHD I think)
  3. G

    PC Building as a Hobby?

    I built my first PC recently and enjoyed it. I would like to build them more often, but I don,t have the money. Is there any way I could keep building them and not lose money? It would be more about fun than profit.
  4. G

    Can't boot Windows after trying to uninstall Windows 10 update! Halp!

    After Windows 10 doing the old goody and auto installing some update I took it upon myself to uninstall it using the simple default procedure (going to updates and click uninstall) the uninstall restarted my pc and got stuck (waited 9 hours) now I cant boot windows nor get into my BIOS as all it...
  5. DarkDubzs

    Question about Program Files, programs, games, on SSD

    I'm moving data from my HDD to my new 480GB (446GB usable) SSD and I am trying to save space. I looked at the folder sizes of the following on my C: drive: "Program Files," "Program Files (x86)," and "Program Data"(hidden folder) and it comes out to 449GB total of the three. Way too huge for me...
  6. LaptopAri

    Stuck in Automatic Repair Black Screen

    Hello! I'm having trouble with my Lenovo y510p. It's basically saying "): Windows found an error and has to restart" when I turn it on (after taking longer than usual on the Lenovo logo screen). It restarts, the lenovo screen takes longer than usual, and then it starts saying "Preparing...
  7. twgamerbuilder

    Upgrading My PC Motherboard, and CPU

    Hello, I would like to upgrade my gaming pc's motherboard and cpu. The new motherboard i would like to get is and the cpu is...
  8. stash7

    Need Help Installing Windows 7 via USB

    So I recently built a new pc, the build process was smooth and everything (hopefully) will work accordingly. But... I've had great trouble installing Windows 64 Bit from a USB onto the PC. The USB I'm looking to download from is a reliable 16gb Kingston USB. So, I'm coming from an iMac 2011, so...
  9. C

    I am having the same issue. I purchased a new hard drive and I installed it and it is now saying "operating system not found"

    I have a toshiba laptop. I was getting a S.M.A.R.T Disc error so I purchased a new hard drive. Once I installed the new harddrive it is now telling me that the operating system was not found. I backed it up on a flash drive but now I cannot figure out how to boot my computer from the flash drive.
  10. TheGoat Eater

    MSI GT60 2OD-261US w/ 3K screen testing

    I just got my new favorite thing in and have been doing some testing of it. I have tried to do as many tests as I can think of and will add them over time. So far I am in love with the 3K IPS screen and I won't go back to 1080 :) , I also have been playing some BF4 @ 3K... At stock GPU...