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gtx 1000 series

Forum discussion tagged with gtx 1000 series.
  1. T

    Question What parts of my PC are unbalanced (overkill, or lacking) for eachother?

    I feel some parts are holding others back, as it is functioning ingame quite poorly. I think it used to be better. I used to play RUST at max graphics at 60 FPS, and after logging into the game after like a year or something, i was met with a frame rate of about 13, so i put it on lowest...
  2. JoeyMan12345

    Question 3 BSODs in 3 days (Never had one for 2 years)

    I built my computer about 2 years ago and I have never had any problems, let alone a BSOD. Randomly 3 days ago I was playing CS:GO and I got my first BSOD, and since then I have gotten a BSOD while playing CS:GO every day since then (So up to 3 days in a row now). The error for the first BSOD I...
  3. perdboy

    Question Which gpu should I buy?

    So one of my friends is upgrading his pc and wants a gtx 1070. I offered my msi gtx 1070 for $250 and am planning on buying a new pc for around $350 or $400. My first option was the rtx 2070 and I was also thinking about getting a gtx 1080. I am willing to obviously buy it used and get it at...
  4. Shaun_6

    Question Advice on minimum VR parts for PC play

    Hey everyone. I'm looking at buying a second hand VR set. I really just wanted to sit in a chair with a keyboard and mouse, so i don't really need all the controllers and other stuff. Just wondering what i would need? Say i was going for a HTC Vive would i just need the head set and link box...
  5. PlymouthJoseph

    Question NZXT G12 on a EVGA GTX 1080 Classified?

    Hi guys, I know this may seem a bit out of date, with the RTX 2080 Ti's already being out... But I currently have a EVGA GTX 1080 Classified which my pride and joy... But it has been running really warm since I bought it and EVGA won't do anything because "It's within specifications". The...
  6. T

    Question i7 4790 + GTX 1060 6GB for 3D Work??

    Hi all, I am wondering if this cpu will work well for 3D animation and modelling work. Also, I know people are going to tell me to ditch the platform and upgrade, but that is not in my budget right now. I would get the (K) version of the cpu, however that is more than a $100 dollars extra...
  7. C

    Question GPU not being Registered by pc

    Hello! Im brand new to building my pc. and I put it together with help of my cousin who had built his Own computers. anyways to the point, My computer is only registering the integrated Graphics, Instead of my geforce gtx 1070 8g whenever I go onto the nvidia website to install the drivers, It...
  8. P

    Question Unable to get HDMI Screen working

    Hey all, So I've come across a rather stange issue and I'm now completely out of ideas, but first some exposition! I had to work from home the other day, so I unplugged my HDMI monitor from my PC to plug in to my work laptop. Awesome. After I was done with work, I went to plug my monitor back...
  9. P

    Question 1070 ti @ 1080p 75Hz

    I wanna ask how long will 1070ti last @ 1080p 75hz. I have a 24" panel and I really like it. My procesor is R5 1600, but I'll upgrade To R7 2700 in the future. How about 1440p 60Hz gaming? I wanna know if this card will be able to handle next-gen games. Thanks a lot.
  10. L

    Question GTX 1060 GPU preforms very poorly

    As the title says my GTX 1060 GPU is preforming very poorly after I reinstalled Windows 10, I did install latest drivers for it. Speccy results: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/NUqCaXHGc4Q8dxA8Q3iVNNn Benchmark test: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/15225485 If you need additional...
  11. T

    Question Weird clocking problems for GPU and CPU

    Hey guys, I have to problems with my CPU and GPU clocks. The problem with my GPU is that its memory clock shows either 2002 mhz in CPU-Z or 4004 in Afterburner, while it should actually be 8008. Yes, I know. The 2002 is my DDR rate, while Afterburner shows the "true" clock. But if it did...
  12. J

    Question My GPU won't work when driver is installed

    I bought an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 - 6GB and installed it. I was using it for 2 days without any problems (even had a shot of Goat Simulator). However, on day 2 I decided to render a video in Vegas. An hour into the render, I heard the "USB unplug" sound and the PC monitor just shut off. The...
  13. P

    Question Gtx 1070 ti question

    Im about to buy 1070ti. I wanna know if this card will be enough for 1080p 75hz in the years to come. I'm talking about next gen of games with the coming of PS5 and Xbox Two. How about 1440p gaming? I have r5 1600 and 8GB of RAM. Thanks a lot for helping.
  14. P

    Question Should I buy GTX 1070

    I have enough money to buy GTX 1070 second hand. Should I wait a few months or buy it now. If I wait a few months I may be able to afford 1070 ti.
  15. E

    [SOLVED] Bottleneck 1060

    I Have The Following Hardware: Motherboard =MSI H97 Gaming 3 CPU =I7-4790(Non K) Ram =1 x 8GB Corsair 1600 Mhz DDR 3 PSU =Corsair CS750M If i take a GTX 1060 6GB Will It Bottleneck?
  16. T

    Question GPU caused crashing in games.

    I bought a EVGA GTX 1080ti KingPin a few months ago and I have narrowed down that it was the reason behind my games crashing. I reinstalled drives; reset my pc; did a clean install of Windows; changed power supply and none of them worked up until I under-clocked my GPU with MSI afterburner and...
  17. T

    [SOLVED] Physical Damage to Graphics Card? And the card itself works not properly?

    link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14cuphVdgcn2EtuwtvIaGqIrtddagUygF/view?usp=sharing Hey Guys, when examining my PC a bit closer, I noticed that my Graphics Card might have suffered physical damage. Two of these three circled things seem a little broken at their end, even though you may not...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] How to make 1050Ti work with Freesync?

    I have this Samsung monitor and it supports Freesync. Also i know, it is not in the officially supported "GSync Compatible" monitors list. But since it supports freesync, it should work with new nVidia drivers? I have a GTX 1050Ti and i updated the drivers to the latest. But i do not see any...
  19. A

    Gateway zg5 and acer zg5

    So I have this weird problem, what is the difference between the two? They look very similar. I have the gateway one and Im trying to take the hard drive out but cant seem to find any disassembly tutorials on it. Whenever I search for the model the acer one appears