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  1. T

    Question Painting GPU heatsink/fan shroud?

    I have a KingPin card at the moment and it's overall a good card, but the copper plated heatsink looks extremely ugly in my black and white build. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to change the colour of the heatsink without increasing temperatures by too much, whether it is through...
  2. W

    Question Does my GPU get the power i needs?

    So i have a msi gtx 1070 ti and a EVGA supernova g3 650. Just recently i strated wondering if my gpu got the full "recommend" amount of power (it works tho). So my PSU got 8 pin cable that splits in the other end to 8+6+2. Since my GPU only has a 8+6 pin connector, i plugged them all except...
  3. ahalibut

    Question GTX 1000, RTX 2000 cards don't work past BIOS on X58 Sabertooth

    Almost threw this in the motherboard thread (possible BIOS issue), or the Win10 thread (possible driver issue), but here we are. I am upgrading my X58 based battleship for the last time with some on-hand parts. It had been running 2 GTX 980s in SLI for almost 3 years and I wanted one last GPU...
  4. J

    Question Should I upgrade My GPU when my CPU is bottle necking a little?

    I'm currently playing most modern games at medium low graphics on a PALIT GTX 1050TI , I have a GIGABYTE F2A68HM-HD2 motherboard and a AMD A10 7700K (oc) CPU. I want to have better gaming performance and visual experience that is brought with a new gpu. ( I am interested in the so called GTX...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Which upgrade should I prioritize?

    Hi,I currently have the following: Ryzen 5 2600 B450 Mortar 2x4GB 2133MHz Kingston (Yeah, the green pcb) Asus Expedition GTX 1050Ti Corsair VS650 240gb ssd 1tb hdd 720p monitor I have a max budget of Php 8,000 (150 USD). I'm thinking of the following: -A second hand monitor 24" 1080p 60Hz for...
  6. S

    White line on laptop screen

    My laptop screen has a vertical white line it was a small line but it got bigger and some times it will flicker back from small to big and sometimes between the line it will turn clear and on the sides it will be red and blue
  7. M

    Pc won't start

    For some time i had some problems with my pc like freezing,blue screens and not recognizing the hdd or disk errors so I changed the hdd and it's been working fine until yesterday when i got some blue screens while in a game of LOL. Today,when I started my pc, continous beeps from the dvd rom...