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  1. O

    Question Should I upgrade my pc or buy a laptop?

    So, I recently passed my diploma and I have atleast 3 months before the engineering college starts. Also I'm a gamer so want to enjoy my vacation playing games (no esports). So, I was thinking to upgrade my pc as it's total crap right now but then my friend suggested me that I'm going to buy a...
  2. B

    Question my games are lagging inspite of having gtx 1050ti.

    I recently bought a new Gtx 1050ti. My pc has an i3 4150 processor, 4gb ddr3 ram, 450 W psu and 1TB hdd. But I don't know why I get so much of frame drops( in games like Apex legends(30-35 fps) and Rise of the tomb raider(sometimes 45+, but when action scene comes, it drops to 15-20fps). Frame...
  3. N

    Question Igpu in ryzen 3 2200g and (rx 570 or gtx 1050ti)

    If i use 2200g with (rx 570 or gtx 1050ti or gt 1030) in my system then will i make any use of the igpu in 2200g ? Or will it just sit jobless in presence of high discreet gpu? And if so should i change to 1300x? I am tight in budget !! Only combos i can use are 2200g or 1300x +( rx570 or...
  4. SloppyJohnny

    Question I7-2600k and NVIDIA GTX 1050TI?

    Does anyone know how well do they work together? Anyone got this setup? :)
  5. SloppyJohnny

    Question I'm looking to buy an AMD motherboard and processor bundle... BUT ONE PROBLEM!

    Hi everyone, i was wondering if i could grab some help/advice on my problem? I'm looking to buy an AMD MOTHERBOARD AND CPU bundle because i have a fairly low budget and don't want to spend loads on an intel processor but i was wondering if I could use the gtx 1050TI with the motherboard and AMD...
  6. jd3rul

    Question Different Lumion benchmark scores, using similar GPUs ?

    Greets, I got 2 similar GPUs installed on 2 computers. 1x GTX 1050Ti on the first PC and 1x GTX 1050Ti on the second PC (same manufacturer Gigabyte) . Problem: Lumion benchmark shows different GPU score ( not GPU memory) on the PCs. One of it has max GPU score, the other has much less GPU...
  7. hughes17

    Question Games are running bellow expected with a Gigabyte 1050ti and AMR Ryzen 3 2200G 3.5Ghz

    Hi everyone, I've recently purchased a pre-built gaming computer from ebuyer and games are running a lot slower than what you would expect from a 1050ti. Firstly, in Fortnite even with all low settings at 1920 x 1080 I still see stuttering and low fps especially when there are a lot of players...
  8. T

    upgrading my rig

    Hello everyone, I bought my PC a little while ago (September 2012), I feel that while it still performs for most of my games, my I5-3570 and 8Gb DDR3 RAM are starting to be a little weak for the bigger newer games coming out. I already have already updated my GPU to a GTX-970 a year or two...
  9. L

    9900k Temp issues Idle and Load

    9900k on an Asus ROG MAXIMUS XI Hero. Running a 280 AIO. With that being said. I'm running at oddly high Idle temps 53c on the package, this is with 1% usage . It also likes to spike to 70c-80c seemingly out of no where when just sitting at my desk top or just opening steam or Chrome or just...
  10. Y

    Gpu keeps crashing

    Ok so i bought Egpu pcie Hardware Its a external gpu for laptops not that Thunder bolt 3 A new type My laptop is dell n5050 Sandy bridge 13 2310m 2.10ghz 6 gb ram ddr3 Intel hd 3000 And also nvidia gt 710 2 gb ddr3 Worked well for 1 month Yesterday i came turned it on the psu was not...
  11. J

    No internet connection with graphics card drivers uninstalled

    I accidentally uninstalled my NVIDIA graphics drivers and in the process I do not have an internet connection to fix it. Is there any possibility to get a connection to re-install them?
  12. M

    Power off after upgrade. Best advice?

    I just upgraded my PC case, my system is shitting off during or before windows boot. Wanted to ask before I damage it on my own lol. The new case has 3 pre-installed RGB fans. My old case had two regular.... Another issue is I have a Corsair h100i v2 and I had to remove it during the...
  13. A

    Is my CPU bottlenecking me?

    I wanted to know if my CPU is bottlenecking me in games. I'm not sure if my CPU is under powered for my 1050 TI and that's why my FPS in games is extremely low or if it's something else in my system. I built my PC in January and have been using integrated graphics up until July when I...
  14. C

    power outage - lost original log in screen

    Power went out and I obviously chose the wrong option when it was coming back up. Now when I log in my screen looks like a new computer (so no files or photos). However, all of my files are accessible thru the C: and the other user sign in seems normal. How do I get my original sign in back to...
  15. D

    Turn on after build instanly go to bios with out clicking any in keyboard

    Please help i have a problem here after building my gaming pc . I try to install a OS but after turn it on the system instantly go to bios and the keyboard and mouse work only 3-5 seconds but the light of it are still turn on. What would be the cause of the situation i tried any usb port in my...
  16. D

    Any feedback on CyberpowerPC Tracer II T15300?

    Hey, all! Trying to get my girlfriend a new computer to replace her dying machine, and we stumbled upon the CyberpowerPC Tracer Ii TI5300. It seems to be a really great deal on a 7th-Gen i7-7770 and GTX-1050TI with a nice RGB mechanical keyboard and extensive I/O. I'm just not sure about...
  17. V

    New PC Build - Questions From a Beginner

    I’m currently putting together a list of components for my next computer build and some help would be greatly appreciated as I'm not the most experienced. For starters, the PC I want to build isn't going to be anything over the top. I’m looking to put together a decently powerful mini ITX...
  18. S

    What Is the Best CD Ripping Software in 2018?

    Title says it all. Just bought all of Tool's CD's, because that's the only legal way to obtain them. I was going to use Windows Media Player, but I felt like there's gotta be a much better alternative to convert the songs to loose MP3s. So let me know what you guys think is the best free/free...
  19. E

    Internet keeps disconnecting

    Last days my laptop was doing great only some disconnections cause of bandwith maybe not sure but now its more frequent like every 10 mins or so or when I start up a game.
  20. J

    What case/motherboard/PSU should I buy...?

    Hello, I want to buy a new case/motherboard/PSU but I dont know what to buy, any recommendations?