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    Question Black screen with Asus Strix GTX 1070 8GB ?

    Hello there, I've acquired a cheap 1060 and the person I bought it from threw in a 1070 for free, said it's faulty nor knows what is up with it. I've tried booting it up in my system (x570 tuf, ryzen 3600, ddr4 8gb 3200mhz hyperx ram, corsair vs650). All I get is a black screen and fans at 100%...
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    Question Is 550w enough for Gtx 1070 and i5 9600k?

    So i changed my pc because old died from shortcircuit,i just save the power supply and rams, the psu was 500w (iceberg 500w +80plus (very strange psu)), i had a i5 6400 and an old asrock board, but i changed to i5 9600k and a gigabyte b365m ds3h board with wifi, but i realize when i install my...
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    [SOLVED] 1070Ti won't install drivers?

    Hi, I recently bought a "working" Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070Ti OC Edition to replace my aging GTX 980. However when I received it, and put it in my PC, I turned it on and it started booting and making this terrible sound that almost sounded like coil-whine. When it came to installing the drivers...
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    [SOLVED] Asus ROG Strix 1070 running hot even with frame limiter

    My GPU still reaches 80-85C while playing black desert, I have a gtx 1070 asus rog strix and have downloaded nvidia profile inspector and set black desert online's frame limiter to 75.6~ I have a 144hz monitor btw. Not setting a frame limiter would make the GPU hotter. Helpful infos: -Case is...