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  1. S

    Question i5 8600k @5Ghz with an RTX 2070 Super (Bottleneck)?

    I am thinking about upgrading from my ASUS GTX 1070 Dual to an RTX 2070 Super. After recently improving my aftermarket CPU cooler, I am now able to run demanding games comfortably at 5Ghz with my current setup. I just feel that the GTX 1070 is starting to struggle with certain newer games...
  2. djhz2001

    Question Mystery problem -- intermittent FPS drops while gaming that occurs every few days

    Hello, I have been experiencing intermittent FPS drops for months, and I was hoping I could get some help figuring out what the problem is. My system: CPU: i7-6700K CPU Cooler: CORSAIR HYDRO Series H115i PRO RGB (280mm) GPU: GTX 1070 Founder's Edition Motherboard: MSI Z170A GAMING M7 ATX...
  3. R

    Question RazerBlade 15 advanced with GTX 1070 max-q terrible frame drops.

    I have owned the Razerblade 15 advanced with gtx 1070 max q, intel i7-8750h and 16gb of ram for almost a year. Recently frame drops have been extreme making most games unplayable. About a month ago fortnite would run at a constant 100+ fps and now drops to below 30 randomly and constantly...
  4. cliffflip

    Question Can't Get 5.1 Audio over S/PDIF and HDMI

    Hi, I've spent hours configuring S/PDIF and HDMI outputs on my PC so I can get 5.1 audio in games, but no luck so far. As for SPDIF, I use my old Creative SB X-Fi 5.1 external soundcard (my mainboard doesn't have the port) and connect it to Samsung J5100K home theater system. I can get 5.1...
  5. rcheulishvil

    Question What will be my bottleneck?

    So I searched online for info, but got mixed opinions everywhere. My build: I5 9400f GTX 1070 8GB Evga 24 gb of RAM I'm planning to upgrade to 1080Ti - but will my CPU be a bottleneck? Is it a bottleneck already for 1070? I mean I play all the games on ultra from 2018 with 60 fps (I don't...
  6. H

    Question Tips/insight on new gpu with old cpu and general pc set up.

    Hi everyone, I've done searches and have read on some of these topics but was curious on direct feedback. I have an: i7 2600 (non k) gtx 680 8GB of ram biostar tz68a+ (4.6.4 5/10/11 bios version/date) 60hz 1080p monitor. I think 750w, definitely more than 550w psu. I just ordered a gtx...
  7. -Arke-

    Question Tons of Issues in Event Viewer and many crashes certain games (not the most demanding in either CPU or GPU).

    Hello there, I'm having some issues with my PC. I've run every single test I know about (Memtest, Intel CPU tool, Heavenz for the GPU, Crystaldisk...), I've already tried underlocking my GPU and my CPU is non-K, thus not overlocked. Still, I've been having crashes often with certain games (WoW...
  8. Pingazgamimg

    [SOLVED] Should I get it?

    Someone nearby is selling a untested GTX 1070 for really cheap since they don't have a power supply to use it with they say when they plugged into the motherboard the fan spin the card lights up and it displays a please power down and plug in the pcie connector what's the chance of the card working?
  9. Dark.KTP

    Question Is my GPU dead? PC working but no display.

    I was playing Games yesterday everything was fine but I could imagine my GPU running quite hot but not that hot it was about 76°c. But what happening today is I turn on my PC but there´s no display on my Monitor I thought some cable might be lose but it wasn't, I plug out and plug in everything...
  10. G

    [SOLVED] PC froze while gaming. Dead GPU?

    Hello everyone. This is my build: -GPU: MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB -CPU: Intel i7 6700K -MOBO: Asus Z170-A -RAM: G.Skill F4-2400C15D-16GCR 16GB (2X8GB) DDR4 2400MHZ -PSU Corsair RM650i - 650W -SSD Samsung Evo 850 for the OS Everything was bought new summer 2016 and i am out of warranty time. A...
  11. T

    Question GPU CRASH, Black Screen, Fans running high, Safe mode runs fine.

    [specs below] Hi there, Been having a problem where whenever I try to load up my computer the graphics card crashs, the screen goes black and the fans go on high speed. This first happened while playing a game, then it'd get progressively worse on restart to the point where I couldn't get to...
  12. -Arke-

    Question GPU crashing on heavy load

    Hello there!! I've recently experiencede some issues with my GPU. I've run some test in order to make sure the issue is related with my GPU and everything else seems to be fine (HDDs, Ram, CPU etc). Whenever I'm under heavy load, playing some games, the image freezes (and sometimes the mouse...
  13. Z

    [SOLVED] Multi-GPU FPS/Clock Drops

    I have been using a 750w PSU and a GTX 1070. I have had no issues I'm aware of. I recently purchased an RTX 2070 Super and now have that installed alongside the GTX 1070, because I'll use both for Blender rendering. For now, I am using the 1070 for gaming because I'm waiting on a DisplayPort...
  14. J

    Question Is it worth upgrading from GTX 1050Ti to GTX 1070 for 150 euro?

    As the title says I'm wondering should I upgrade my GPU from Asus Strix GTX 1050Ti to Palit, Asus Dual or Zotac GTX 1070 (I'm also wondering between these three)?
  15. Bazzlebrush88

    Question Gtx 1070 Temperatures ok?

    Hi just wondering if my temperatures are safe or at least ok. My GPU - a gtx 1070 runs at 72-78c on ultra on high end games @ full 1080p. Is this ok? Any tips or warnings? Thanks everyone
  16. nizyt


    when i play games on fullscreen my gpu usage is always low like 10% and doesnt go over around 60 fps and its not capped in game but when i go windowed fullscreen gpu usage goes up and i get 144fps and thats what it is capped at any idea what it could be . my specs: gtx 1070 8gb i7 4790 3.8ghz 16...
  17. JonnyC

    [SOLVED] MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X running hot and loud

    Hello, I bought a second hand msi gtx 1070 gaming X a while ago, over time the card continues to run at increasingly higher temperatures to the point where now, if I play a graphics intensive game like Rdr2 or Gears 5, the card averages around 80°C and the fans spin so loudly it sounds like a...
  18. lenovo_radek_^^

    [SOLVED] Asus X99-E-10G WS ...... I need help

    Hi I'v got a computer here are components inside : Motherboard: Asus X99-E-10G WS (LGA 2011) Processor: Intel i7 6850K 3,60 Ghz Graphic Card: GeForce GTX 1070 This set doesn't work . When i try turns it on every single light, led works on the graphic card, motherboard but after a while...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] Old Psu still good ?

    i have older psu 600w its about 5.5years old now im upgrading older rig rightnow the rig has gtx 960 i5 4590 16gb ddr3 ram z97 mobo 1tb wd black hdd and 4rgb fans + cpu cooler and it was running gtx 760 a year back just fine before it died my question is, is this psu good enough to run gtx 1070...
  20. Kettei

    Question GTX 1070 isn't detected, but the fan is running. Currently using my motherboard for hdmi support.

    I recently got a Wacom Cintiq 16, and I was trying to get the display to work on it with my gaming PC (Windows 10, GeForce GTX 1070, Omen HP, and prebuilt). In my experimentation to get it to work, I for some reason tried plugging in a HDMI splitter to the GPU. This made its fan run really fast...