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  1. A

    [SOLVED] Will GTX 1070ti support Lenovo M81 desktop?

    hello guys, so recently i got Lenovo M81 (prebuilt )for almost free. it has i7 2600k and oem motherboard. Now lenovo motherboards have some GPU whitelist, and after little bit of research i found that most 10th series of gtx are supported. But there was no mention of gtx 1070ti, i was assuming...
  2. Tomymarin0

    [SOLVED] is i7 4790k enough for a rtx 2060?

    i want to upgrade my gpu and i can afford a rtx 2060, but i dont know if my cpu will have bottleneck problems with this gpu, i see a lot of comments about this combination, but i dont know what to think. My other alternative is a used gtx 1070 ti, because both have the same price, very similar...
  3. Y

    Question Gtx 1070ti Problems

    Hello! I'm a tech heavy kinda person but clueless when it comes to GPU's. My friend gave me his 1070ti when he bought a whole new pc and I plugged it in, Image was fine, games ran perfectly fine but no fans spinning and no LED's working on the plate. I reseated it, reconnected wires, redid...
  4. Palaza

    Question I am going to test a used gtx 1070ti what should i test it with and what should i compare it to

    hello so i am going to test a gpu but i dont really know how or using what program should i do it or compare it to i would add that i can buy a brand new gtx 1660 super so if any of u guys would recommend one over the other please tell me
  5. camr7425

    [SOLVED] BCLK overclock, PC won't boot

    Hi. I recently overclocked the BCLK on my motherboard from 100mhz to 104mhz My specs : Ryzen 5 2600 Aours Elite B450 8gb×2 vengeance 2400mhz Zotac Mini 1070Ti COOLER master MWE 550w psu I have one m.2 and 2 sata SSD and 3 hard drives attached The thing is, as soon as I increased the BCLK...
  6. Balockayy

    [SOLVED] Why is my friends gpu at like 1-10 percent is gta 5 and cod:MW

    The Cpu is at %100 and is 60 celcius. It looks like CPU bottleneck but online everyone is getting much better performance out of this combo then he is. Specs: GPU- MSI GTX 1070ti CPU- i5-7600k RAM-16gb 2133mhz MOBO- MSI z270 gaming pro carbon PSU- Thermal Take smart 500W
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Used GPU choice. Which one and how should I test them?

    I have three offerings in my area whose owners will let me test them before buying. Gigabyte 1070 Tİ Windforce OC ($280), MSI Armor 1070 ($250) and EVGA FTW 1070 ($250) - I'm not in the USA atm. First two have about a year of warranty left, EVGA has 16 months. I never owned a gigabyte component...
  8. Y

    [SOLVED] i5- 4460 with GTX 1070ti

    Hey, im on a budget and wanna upgrade. My specs rn: ~Intel i5- 4460 ~MSI GTX 750ti ~Corsair 1x8 GB DDR3 So, I had played Arma 3, Apex Legends, Dota with good fps’s. But I wanna upgrade coz I mainly want fps for FPS games. For instance apex on low settings is around 80-90 but...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Can 550w PSU handle GTX 1070 ti and R5 3600?

    Hi, I am currently looking to upgrade my pc but retain my GPU (GTX 1070 ti). I have tried to research regarding the subject matter but it seems opinions revolve on 550w being enough and 650w for OC headroom. Here are my planned specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5...
  10. TheBearMethodist

    Question Changing my GPU in Nvidia Control panel causes really weird name change when applied

    I have a 2 GPU set up with one EVGA GEFORCE GTX 1060 SSC and an MSI GTX 1070 Ti. My goal is to run my games only off of the 1070 Ti and everything else with the 1060. This seems to be working, but when I set the Global Settings to use the 1060 as the CUDA-GPUs setting and click "apply," I am...
  11. Question GTX1070TI driver installation failed (Win 7)

    I was not able to update my nvidia drivers for last few months, installation kept failing but i didnt mind it much, I was using my computer normally until yesterday, when i decided to finally update my drivers clicking the "fresh install" option while updating... Which completely deleted my GPU...
  12. B

    Question I'm worried that my graphics card is fake

    Hi, im building a pc and I just bought my gpu, I dont have all the parts so I cant test it through an actually pc yet. I'm worried that it might be fake because of the box it came in, It seems legit but on the box it says "ready to OC 88MHz+, but when I look online at other peoples boxes for the...
  13. F

    [SOLVED] Computer restarts and freezes randomly (no warning)

    Hello I hope you all are having a nice day, so I have an issue with my pc in which it restarts suddenly and afterwards when I need to boot it boots fine after I sign in it most of the time freezes immediately or till i open chrome or something. I noticed that if I shutdown completely and wait a...